15 Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

15 Best Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

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Bath bombs are an incredible way to relax, unwind, and enjoy some time for yourself. They can also have therapeutic effects, moisturize and soften your skin, and much more. They can also be incredible for kids to have fun in the bath, as there are numerous super-fizzy bath bomb choices with rainbow colours, even toys inside them.

However, sometimes the bombs can have essential oils and other substances that can irritate sensitive skin. So, before buying a bath bomb, make sure it’s natural and that all the ingredients are listed on the declaration. That way, you can rest assured that your children can enjoy a nice, fun bath and that you can enjoy them too, even if you have sensitive skin.

I’ve made a list of the fifteen best bath bombs for sensitive skin to help you know what to look for. We’ll go through some classics that became classics for a reason, some great bombs suited for children, but keeping in mind the ingredients and the sensitive skin factor.

1. Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bubble Bath Bomb by Two Sisters Spa

The Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bubble Bath Bomb is a relaxing, skin-nourishing classic bath bomb that you have to try out. Almost every company that produces bath bombs has its version of the Oatmeal and Honey bath bomb, but the Two Sisters Spa product is by far the best in terms of quality and price.

The scents of this bath bomb are very mild but sweet, immersing you in relaxing aromatherapy – just like having a stay-at-home spa. The soft, fizzy bubbles create a gentle surface on your skin, moisturizing and nourishing it at the same time.

What’s unique about the Two Sisters Spa Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bubble Bath Bomb is the natural ingredient they use. There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients that you can sometimes find in bath bombs to boost their performance. Instead, they use ingredients safe to use even on the most sensitive skin.

Also, there are no artificial colourants added to the bath bomb, so your bathtub won’t get stained after using it. This bath bomb is 100% vegan and contains no gluten, no GMO, and is entirely cruelty-free in terms of dermatological testing.

Apart from the relaxation and a pleasant aroma, you’ll get the moisture your skin needs and therapeutic stress-relief help. You will sleep like a baby after using this bath bomb. 

2. Sky Organics Handmade Kids Bath Bombs

Sky Organics makes numerous handmade, natural bath bombs in all shapes and sizes. Their Handmade Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys are incredible for a nice, fun bubble bath for your children. And, as the name suggests, there is a surprise toy inside the bomb, making the experience even more fun for the young ones.

This gift set comes with six different bath bombs inside, varying in colour, fizziness, and ingredients so that every bath will be a unique experience. They all have in common, though, that they are designed for children, meaning they are great for sensitive skin and safe to use even if your skin gets irritated quickly.

The bath bomb set is 100% vegan, natural and cruelty-free, and the different fragrances give the ultimate experience each bath you take. You’ll find unique bath bomb scents in the pack, such as Bubblegum, Grape Soda, Galaxy, and a lot more.

The best part for the parents is that the colours are mild and easily washable and won’t leave hard stains on your tub. You only need to rinse the tub after using one of these bath bombs, and that’s it. So, if you have children and wish to make their baths more fun, or if you want to have a fun, colourful, foamy bath yourself, this is one of the best products you can choose.

3. Superhero Bubble Bath Bomb for Kids by Two Sisters Spa

I’ve already listed one of the Two Sisters Spa bath bombs, but when it comes to all-natural, skin-safe bath bombs for children, there is no better choice than their Superhero Bubble Bath Bomb for Kids.

It’s a large, 5 oz bath bomb that comes in different colours, but the best part about it is that it comes with a superhero toy figure inside each bomb. That is awesome if you want to surprise your kids. The bath will be fun, but getting their favorite superhero while bathing will make the entire experience much more enjoyable.

There are twelve different superheroes available, ensuring that your kid will be able to find their favorite character. The figures include Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Flash, Joker, and more.

Like the Oatmeal and Honey Bath Bomb, this product from Two Sisters Spa is 99% natural and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, making it safe for children and adults with acne-prone skin.

4. Aofmee Bath Bombs Gift Set

The Aofmee Bath Bombs Gift Set is an incredible choice for a gift for your loved ones, be it your kids, your friends, or your partner. What makes these bombs special is the variety of shapes and details on each bomb. They aren’t in the classic round shape but custom-molded and shaped like hearts, cupcakes, doughnuts, and more.

The packing is also very appealing, making it a perfect present – even if you want to give it to yourself. It’s sweet, romantic, and will surely put a smile on anybody’s face.

You can also buy each of the bath bombs from the set individually, but you save some money buying it as a set. Plus, every bomb provides a different experience, so it’s not a bad idea to try them all. What they have in common are the long-lasting scent and multi-coloured fizz. 

They also hydrate, heal, and revitalize the skin using only natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. That means you won’t only have fun and relaxation in your bath, but you’ll also have some incredible benefits on your skin without having to buy expensive cosmetics. Even if you have the most sensitive skin type, you will enjoy Aofmee Bath Bombs’ immersive effects.

5. J’ADORE SKIN Bath Bomb Set for Dry Sensitive Skin

Forget about invasive cosmetic treatments with creams, serums, and other chemicals. J’ADORE SKIN Bath Bomb Set for Dry Sensitive Skin is all you need to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. The bombs are carefully designed and tested to help moisturize dry, sensitive skin naturally and effectively.

This particular pack comes with twelve different bath bomb fragrances, including chamomile, lavender, ocean, lemon, rose, etc. The rest of the ingredients are more-or-less the same, guaranteeing a natural, healthy experience for your sensitive skin each time you step into a bath.

Another great thing about J’ADORE SKIN Bath Bombs is that they are all handmade from organic materials. That makes them puffy and emphasizes the fizzy effect you need out of your bath bombs. The bombs stay afloat when put into the water, maximizing the fizz and giving you a fantastic experience.

All kinds of chemicals are avoided and never used in these bath bombs, guaranteeing safety, even if you want to put one in your kids’ bath. Finally, although every bomb’s colors are unique and beautiful, they won’t leave stains on the tub, making your relaxing home spa day all the more satisfying.

6. Thrive Organics Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

The Thrive Organics Aromatherapy Bath Bombs are fantastic, 100% organic bombs handmade in the United States. They don’t focus on the fizziness, colours, or having fun in the bath. Instead, they provide incredible aromatherapy with all sorts of essential oils and fragrances.

No matter which of the aromatherapy bath bombs you choose, they are all non-GMO and 100% safe for sensitive skin. Moreover, every bomb has a different effect on your skin, body, and mind, depending on what fragrance and aromatherapy you want (or need). 

These bombs work so well because of the natural flowers and herbs they use for producing them. We know how beneficial certain herbs can be for our health, so using some of those health benefits in bath bombs makes these products more useful, apart from the regular “fun” part of using them.

For instance, you can use the eucalyptus bath bomb for skin hydration. The eucalyptus will nourish the skin, while the scent will help your mind relax. If you have eczema, try out the Oatmeal Aloe Vera bomb, which will help your skin calm and heal your eczema more efficiently.

These bombs, as we mentioned, have no colourants, no plastic, and no GMO. They might not be as fun as some other colourful bath bombs, but they are definitely more helpful for a relaxed body and a peaceful mind.

7. Unicorn Bubble Bath Bomb for Kids

The third product on this list from Two Sisters Spa is the Unicorn Bubble Bath Bomb for Kids. These bombs provide such a unique experience for the little ones it hardly has any competition in terms of the joy your children will have while using them. All that, while using only natural ingredients, making these bath bombs the best choice for kids and adults with sensitive skin.

There are two reasons why this bath bomb is called the Unicorn Bubble Bath Bomb. First, the vibrant colours – including pink, purple, and light blue – have a stunning effect resembling the colours we usually associate with unicorns. But, what’s even better is the squishy surprise unicorn toy inside each bomb.

If you have boys, they will likely enjoy the Superhero bath bombs more. If you have girls, however, they will rejoice when you surprise them with these incredible gifts. No matter what you choose, all the toys used in the Two Sisters Spa bath bombs have passed the US Toy and Jewelry Safety Testing for Children Products. They are sweet and safe!

If you are looking for a fun time with vibrant colours, full bubbles, and awesome surprise toys, go for the Unicorn Bubble Bath Bomb and watch your kids have a fantastic time in the tub.

8. New Miuz Large Hemp Bath Bombs

Bath bombs designed for children usually emphasize the “fun” aspect, with bubbles, fizzes, colours, etc. On the other hand, those intended for adults, such as the New Miuz Large Hemp Bath Bombs, focus more on the relaxing, recovering effect of a bath.

Don’t worry; these bombs are not made from the illegal cannabis plant but traditional industrial hemp. It has no hallucinogenic effects but has incredible health properties, including muscle relaxation, recovery from soreness, etc. It also encourages the production of melatonin, helping you sleep better after the bath.

Since all ingredients in New Miuz bath bombs are completely natural, these bombs have no side-effects, regardless of your skin type. Even if you have irritated, sensitive skin, these bombs can only help you feel better and will in no way do you harm.

Hemp bath bombs are incredibly popular because they are infused with Vitamins B and E, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and natural hemp seed oil to help you sleep better, moisturize the skin and reduce skin inflammations. These bombs are perfect for adults that want their bath bombs to have more effect than merely being a fun time in the tub.

9. Blahhey Large Rainbow Bath Bombs

One of the unique bath bombs on the market, the Blahhey Large Rainbow Bath Bombs are fantastic both for adults and children. Their specific cloud shape is highlighted by the rainbow colours that start spurting out of the bomb when placed in the water. That makes the experience incredibly fun for kids, but for adults, too.

Although the colours are quite vibrant and strong, they are effortless to clean and don’t stain the tub. But, there’s another reason why adults enjoy these bath bombs as much as kids do. They are handmade, organic, and have fantastic effects on your skin, even if it’s highly sensitive.

Blahhey bath bombs will do wonders for people with dry skin. The natural essential oils used while manufacturing them will moisturize the skin and give it all the nutrients to help with elasticity, freshness, and overall skin health. Finally, they’ll give you mild, milk-scented aromatherapy, too, to help you relax and unwind before bed.

The kids will love them for the colours and the jet-fizziness. The adults will love them for the relaxing, revitalizing effects. Therefore, these bombs are the perfect gift for you or your loved ones, regardless of age, skin type, or gender.

10. Vagisil Scentsitive V-Friendly Bath Bomb

The skin around your intimate area is the most sensitive skin of your entire body. Using pH-friendly bath bombs such as the Vagisil Scentsitive V-Friendly Bath Bomb will protect that sensitive area from irritation and give you a relaxing, all-body experience.

You can choose between a few scents, such as jasmine or peach blossom, and they all come individually packed and ready to use. Every bomb is pH-neutral, which means it can be used and not harm even the most sensitive intimate skin.

The bombs are uni-coloured and allow you to have a refreshing, relaxing bath. They don’t focus on the fizzing or colourful foam for you to play in, so they might not be interesting to children. However, for adults – especially women – using these bath bombs is an incredible experience every time.

11. Cosset Bath Bomb Treatment for Dry Skin and Eczema

When it comes to taking care of sensitive and irritation-prone skin, there’s no better choice than the Cosset Bath Bomb Treatment for Dry Skin and Eczema. They come in a six-pack and have a remarkable therapeutic effect that calms down irritated and sensitive skin. All ingredients are natural but combined to help you get your skin into perfect condition.

They still fizz pretty nicely, but there is no rainbow of colours. Still, it provides a great experience that encourages melatonin production, helping you relax, enjoy, and sleep like a baby after you’re done bathing.

As for the skin health part, the Cosset Bath Bomb Treatment works on several levels. Soak in the bath for 20 minutes to get deep hydration of the skin, while ingredients such as oatmeal, honey, and milk exfoliate and enrich your skin with all the vitamins it needs.

Everything is natural and perfect for any skin type, even eczema-riddled skin. If you have eczema but your skin is too sensitive to pharmaceutical creams and lotions filled with chemicals, these bath bomb treatments might be the perfect option for you.

12. ArtNaturals Bath Bombs Gift Set

The ArtNaturals Bath Bomb Gift Set is a perfect present to give anybody – your friend, family, partner – or to yourself. The set includes six incredible bath bombs, great for sensitive skin. Each bomb has a different effect. Some are focused on relaxing the muscles, while some provide deep aromatherapy.

It’s easy to know which bomb you might need in a particular moment, as they are named: Energize, Zen, Yoga, Wellness, Strength, and Cozy Night. The name reflects the effect they have on the body. So, if you feel like you need a booster, choose the Energize bath bomb. If you just want to relax and have a good night’s sleep, take a Cozy Night bath.

Clearly, all these bombs concentrate on making the experience as therapeutic as possible. All the formulas are filled with antioxidants to cleanse, detox, and nourish the skin. And, the best part – it’s not dangerous for sensitive skin so that anybody can enjoy them, men, women, and children.

The combination of natural ingredients such as mineral salts, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, etc., also gives you a great way to heal aches and sore muscles, making the ArtNaturals bath bombs perfect for sportspersons, too.

13. Manos Soap Co. – Cashmere Bath Bomb with Goat Milk

Do you know how soft and sweet cashmere feels on your skin? Well, imagine that feeling immersed all over your body. That is what the Manos Soap Co. – Cashmere Bath Bomb with Goat Milk can give you.

It’s one of the best bath bombs on the market when it comes to focusing on taking care of your skin. The bombs are fragrance-free, focusing solely on the therapeutic effect a great bath can have. They actually work better for sensitive skin. You can use one of the Cashmere bath bombs to aid acne, blackheads, and other types of irritation.

The bombs will calm the skin and reduce swelling, clear out the pores and moisturize the skin. That will allow your skin to stay clean and soft after your bath and help you deal with the root of your skin irritation, not only resolve the consequences.

All ingredients are 100% natural (that is a clear promise from the manufacturer) and paraben-free. If you want to try out some other bombs apart from cashmere to get different effects on your body, choose something like Eucalyptus Lavender for maximum softness and hydration, or Goat Milk for improved exfoliation and cleansing, etc.

14. Earthly Garden Bath Bomb Gift Set

If we’re talking about pure relaxation, the Earthly Garden Bath Bomb Gift Set for Women & Girls is miles ahead of the competition. The set contains six different bath bombs with various fragrances, but ultimately the same results on your body and mind.

Every bath bomb is handmade and natural. They use organic ingredients and combine them with pure essential oil to aid even the most inflammation-prone skin. Even the sensitive skin around the intimate area will be safe when using these bombs.

What’s special about the Earthly Garden bath bombs, though, is the luxurious moisturizing effect it has on your body. If you are suffering from dry skin, these bombs will help you deal with it without creams and lotions, all the while you’re enjoying a nice, relaxing bath.

Each of the bombs has a different effect. Some fizz more than others to make the experience more immersive and fun. Some are meant to calm you down and put you in the right mood for sleeping. But, every bomb is individually wrapped, and the effects are described on the label, so you will know exactly what you are getting with each bath.

For instance, the Love Berry bath bomb should comfort and soothe your body, while the Black Rose Vanilla bombs will put you in a pleasant, relaxing, romantic mood – which might be fantastic to use for couples.

15. Homasy Bath Bombs Gift Set

Lastly, another fantastic, unique bath bomb set on my list is the Homasy Bath Bombs Gift Set. I’ve saved the sweetest for last, and these bombs are just that. It’s a set of six unique bath bombs shaped like cupcakes, hearts, doughnuts, starts, etc. They truly provide a one-of-a-kind experience, and you won’t regret trying them out.

The Homasy bath bombs are specific for their design, making them appealing and exciting for children as much as for moms. They look incredible, but what is even more important is they are healthy and safe for sensitive skin, even for kids.

You will get a multitude of colours in your tub, and each of the specially-shaped bath bombs has a different scent and fragrance. Some are fruity, such as peach and papaya & mango, while some are flowery, including lavender and rose. Therefore, no matter what your taste is, this set will satisfy your needs.

Although every bomb provides a different colour, it will never stain your bathtub, so you can rest assured you won’t have to scrub for hours after a nice, relaxing bath. So, if you don’t know what to buy as a gift for yourself or a loved one, the Homasy Bath Bombs Gift Set might be the perfect solution – they are fun, safe, and they satisfy every taste!

Guide to buying the perfect bath bomb

Seeing just how many choices there are when choosing a bath bomb, it’s easy to get misguided and end up buying bombs you don’t even like or need. Therefore, I’ve made this short-and-simple guide to purchasing the perfect bath bomb.

The first thing to look for is the ingredients. If they can’t guarantee they are using natural ingredients, move on to the next bomb. No matter who you’re buying the bath bombs for – yourself, your friend, or your kids – you should only use natural bath bombs to avoid any unnecessary side effects.

Next, you should think about who you’re buying the bomb for. If you are buying it for yourself, you can go crazy. Choose the scents you like the most, the colours you enjoy the most, and the therapeutic effects you need the most. If you are buying for a friend as a gift, though, it’s safer to go for bombs with mild scents to ensure they won’t find the bombs too “strong.”

Finally, if you are buying for children, choose the bath bombs focusing on the fun aspect of a bath – vibrant colours, extra fizziness, toys inside the bombs – the options are limitless. Again, just make sure the ingredients are natural because children have sensitive skin, and you should be careful not to cause irritations.

The last step in your bath bomb-buying process should be the choice of effects. Some bombs have a muscle-relaxing impact. Some stimulate the production of melatonin to help you sleep. Some have an energizing effect, and some provide you with aromatherapy. The options are endless, so you should think about what you need – relaxation, energy, or something else – and go from there when buying your perfect bath bomb for sensitive skin.

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