15 Best Smelling Bath Bombs in 2021
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15 Best Smelling Bath Bombs in 2021

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There are a bunch of different ways to surprise someone for any given occasion, may that be a birthday, name day, or some holiday, however, actually choosing a gift might be tough. 

One of the departments which provide one of the widest varieties of presents and gifts you can get on any occasion is the wellness industry. From exclusive soaps, body creams, and shaving gear all the way to things like bath bombs, there are a plethora of different ideas. 

In today’s article, I have collected the 15 best-smelling bath bombs in 2021, all of which are tried and true products from a number of different sellers. If you are thinking of getting someone a gift or perhaps treating yourself to some relaxing me-time, make sure you check these options out, you will surely find a bath bomb that suits your needs! Read on if you are interested!

1. Da Bomb Earth Bath Bomb

When choosing bath bombs, there might be a couple of different criteria that will determine or affect your choice. Either it is the shape, the materials, the colors, or it might also be all of those combined. In this case, you can get the complete package, and what’s more: you can support a great initiative. 

By buying one of these Da Bomb Earth Bath Bombs, you will be supporting charities and organizations which provide water for children and other desperately unfortunate people around the world. They are now, specifically, supporting The Water Project, which is an organization which is aimed at providing many communities and schools in Africa with clean drinking water. 

Aside from the humanitarian cause, another reason purchasing this product is not a mistake is its smell, which is flat out amazing. A combination of spring breeze and seashore saltiness really makes it feel like the Earth has just dissolved inside your bathtub.

If you are interested in purchasing this awesome bath bomb while also helping out some families in trouble, make sure you check out this button which will lead you to the product’s page!

2. Bath Bombs for Women – Luxury Organic Bath Bombs by Pure Scentum

One of the most fragrant bath bomb sets available, these luxury bath bombs will definitely be the first ones you use up. They are geared towards women, so they can be great gifts for a wife, girlfriend, or female friend, and the smell-satisfaction is guaranteed. 

The product is made with organic ingredients and is also made in a larger-than-average size, which makes it really satisfying and fun to use. The scents are mostly floral but vary between different bath bombs since there are 6 slightly different ones in the packaging. 

These bath bombs aren’t the ones that will make your bath bubble up like crazy, they have a more modest bubbling ability, and they also don’t moisturize as much as many other products, which is actually liked by many. 

Often, bath bombs contain disproportionately much oil and fat, which then makes them moisturize better, but with the cost of a generally sticky residue on one’s skin. This one is an elegant, sexy and fresh collection, which will provide an amazing aroma and scent without the overpowering effects of lower-quality products. 

If you are looking for an amazing pack of bath bombs to gift to a woman or girl you hold dear, these are definitely one of your best choices. Check them out here, by clicking on this button below!

3. Men’s Bath Bomb Set 12 Pack by Support Refugee Employment in the USA

Another pack of great, high-quality bath bombs also serve a higher purpose. These bath bombs are handmade, made by refugees who risked everything for the hope of a better life, and are employed so they can have a go at getting that life. 

Every package contains a thank you card and information about the individual who made those specific bath bombs. Often, these are people who come from extremely harsh places and conditions, and purchasing these products is the reason they can continue to thrive in their newfound home. 

But again, not only are these bath bombs amazing because of the greater good behind them, but also for their quality and fragrances. This 12-pack is specifically aimed towards men, which means that there are very few and mild floral scents, as opposed to the heavy floral scents that most women’s boxes carry. 

Most customers praise the incredible quality of these bath bombs, which doesn’t come as a surprise when one takes note of the ingredients. They do not use any artificial aroma or coloring, but only natural, mostly plant-based material like essential oils, which provide an amazing smell. 

Sandalwood, leather, bergamot, orange, eucalyptus, and mahogany are just a couple of the high-quality fragrances they use. The packaging is also biodegradable, and the company is completely cruelty-free as well. 

You cannot really go wrong when purchasing products from the Refugee Employment program’s Refugee Bath Co., but if you are specifically looking for some fresh, natural fragrances for men, you should definitely check out these bath bombs. You can do so by clicking on this button below!

4. Unicorn Bubble Bath Bombs for Girls with Surprise Toys Inside by Two Sisters Spa

Once we have covered man- and woman-oriented bath bomb gift ideas, it is time to address the next biggest group of bath bomb enthusiasts: girls. Though the luxury set previously mentioned is great for a large age spectrum of women, if you are looking to buy something for young girls, this is the one I recommend. 

Girls tend to fall in love with colorful, shiny, sparkly, and fragrant bath bombs, and this package from Two Sisters Spa is just the right option for them. Though bath bombs intended for adult women tend to be more sophisticated and elegant, these can provide all the childish fun and joy that a bath bomb can. 

Many aspects of these Unicorn Bubble Bath Bombs make them awesome gifts for younger girls, but one of the main features is that every one of them has a surprise gift inside. This means that even though the bath bomb dissolves, a little gift remains, which is all the more exciting!

Aside from that, these bath bombs can color the water almost like no other, with pink, purple, and blue hues for the ultimate girly feeling. 

If you want to surprise someone with these girly and fun bath bombs, make sure to go and check them out on the button!

5. Floral Bath Bombs Gift Set, 12PCS by PUURVSAS 

Though floral notes are usually the dominant ones in bath bombs for women, this pack of 12 bath bombs is an amazing gift for virtually anyone, since the smells would make even the manliest man jump into the bathtub. 

Jokes aside, these bath bombs are really fantastic, and the 12 different bombs all have different scents, which makes this package all the more exciting! From Ylang Ylang and eucalyptus, all the way to camomile and papaya-mango, there are a variety of different, herbal scents, all naturally produced. 

Using essential oil and natural materials, this product also comes in environmentally friendly packaging and is also organic. 

One of the most awesome aspects of these bath bombs (and the others on this list) is that even though they do color the water, they do not stain the tub. Even if they do, the stain is extremely minor and easy to clean. 

If you are looking for a great universal gift for someone in your life, I recommend the PUURVSAS bath bombs. Check out this button below if you are interested!

6. Eucalyptus Spearmint Bubble Bath Bomb by Two Sisters Spa

Two Sisters Spa are back at it again, creating better and better scents and bath bombs. This eucalyptus spearmint bubble bath is going to blow your mind. It is one of the freshest and most vitalizing scents I have ever come across, which is the reason it has a clear spot on this list. 

Eucalyptus, just like spearmint is known for its natural health benefits, which mostly have to do with the respiratory system, however can also affect skin health and general inflammation levels. 

These bath bombs are made of 99% natural materials, and according to the brand, they don’t use any products that they wouldn’t themselves use or give to their children. The organic, high-quality nature of this product is one of the things that makes this product stand out, though most Two Sisters Spa bath bombs are similar. 

Aside from the many health benefits that come from the eucalyptus and the spearmint, the bath bomb also contains a variety of very healthy oils, for example, extra virgin Italian olive oil. 

If you are interested in trying out one of these refreshing and soothing bath bombs from Two Sisters Spa, you can do so by checking out this button below!

7. Cosset Bath Bombs – Sea Weed

Out of the whole array of the different smells available from Cosset, I believe the seaweed is the one that stands out the most. Though they have many other very exotic and interesting fragrances like “Kalahari Melon” or “Cleopatra”, the seaweed bath bomb is one of the more captivating ones.

Cosset is a business in the wellness and spa industry that was founded by a couple who were in search of a solution to their son’s skin problems (eczema). After creating a body butter that helped him, they started experimenting with growing their brand and managed to create a high-quality, reputable business that has multiple stores and sells a variety of goods online.  

One of the most amazing features of this product is the “teabag” it comes with. Seeing as the bomb is made with actual Nori seaweed, the box comes with a sort of “bomb tea filter” which can be used to let the bob dissolve into the water without the fuss of cleaning up the seaweed afterward. 

Also, though this is pretty much up to personal choice, the smell is fantastic. For anyone who loves a salty, sea scent, a light pale green water, and the light aromas of grapefruit and other citrus brushing their soul, this is definitely the best choice for them. 

You can use it as a nutrient-packed muscle-relaxation therapy, or just to have some fun and forget the everyday troubles while being immersed in Nori seaweed bathwater. 

If you are interested, or if you know someone who would appreciate it as a gift, you can check it out on the button below!

8. OUAI Chill Pills

One of the most interesting and unique products on today’s list are these OUAI Chill Pills. Basically, these are high-quality bath bombs that are in the form of large pills, which makes them look very aesthetical and original.

There are in total 6 “pills” in the container, which resembles a medical container as well, to add to the theme. The pills are of either jasmine or rose-scented, which are both luxurious, but soft and light aromas that will definitely not irritate your nose as many other, cheaper bath bombs can. 

These vegan bath bomb pills are also full of many different nutrient-dense and revitalizing elements such as jojoba, safflower, and hemp seed oil. These all help the skin retain its natural beauty and also nourish it with necessary vitamins and oils. 

These are somewhat more expensive than the average package of bath bombs, however, for that, you get the guarantee of high-quality ingredients, and also the really unique design of both the bombs and the containers. 

As for the smell, this is another one of those “luxuriously pampering” bath bombs, which aren’t there to excite like a children’s unicorn one might, but much rather soothe, nourish, revitalize, relax. This is what makes the light but still luxurious scents of rose and jasmine amazing.

If you are interested in treating yourself with some OUAI Chill Pills, you can follow this button and get one for yourself today!

9. Bath Bombs Gift Set for Women with Inspirational Messages by Mineral Me

A California-based company (San Diego, more precisely), Mineral Me, is a family-run company that takes pride in its handcrafted, high-quality wellness products, mostly bath bombs. This set of 12 bath bombs is the ultimate gift you can get for your loved one or other woman in your life. 

Every bath bomb is labeled with a motivational, inspirational message for the day or the occasion, so not only are you going to help someone (or yourself) relax in the fabulous aroma and softness of these bath bombs, you can also give them some words of encouragement. 

What is amazing about this set is that the bath bombs aren’t the same as one another. So, there are a bunch of different oils and minerals used for all the 12 different bombs, like sandalwood, chamomile, jasmine, orange, lavender, and more. These are what make every single bath bomb a new surprise and a new magical experience. 

Also, all of their products, just like these bath bombs, are organic and made out of pure and ethically sourced materials. They are sulfate-, paraben-, and also cruelty-free. 

If you think this would be a great gift idea to someone you love or a  good friend, make sure you check it out by clicking on this button!

10. 6 Oatmeal Milk & Honey Bubble Bath Bombs by Two Sisters Spa

For those of you out there who don’t really enjoy all the floral, herbal, or exotic smells out there, here is a product with arguably the most iconic sweet scent combination of all time. Milk and honey have been used together for thousands of years in baths to soften one’s skin, and oatmeal compliments both of those spectacularly. 

Again, this product is a Two Sisters Spa product, which doesn’t come as a surprise since their products are just magnificent. Also, one of the features of the bath bombs the Two Sisters Spa company makes is the strong bubbling ability of their bombs. 

They achieve this by using SLSA, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate. Though it sounds almost the same as SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a cheap, lab-derived, possibly carcinogenic foaming agent, SLSA is actually mild and plant-derived and is completely safe for one’s skin. 

This is why, aside from the amazing scents and the nourishing oils in the water, you can also enjoy a serious amount of bubbles, making for the ultimate bath bomb effect. 

The milk, honey, and oats work together to form the most soothing, relaxing, sweet scent that I have tried. One can easily fall asleep in the water when using these bombs, but also after, when one climbs out of the water to realize just how nourished and soft their skin is. 

Hands down, one of the best bath bombs in my book, the Two Sisters Spa Oatmeal Milk and Honey is great for everyone who likes mild, sweet, and cozy scents and fragrances. If you know someone like that and want to give them a great gift, check out this button to visit Amazon and purchase a package today!

11. Aprilis Bath Bombs Gift Set

A brand that hasn’t been mentioned on this list but is just as good as many others, Aprilis is a brand focused on providing the best products, made out of the best ingredients, at affordable prices. This is also reflected in this bath bomb gift set. 

The Aprilis Bath Bombs Gift Set is made of 6 wonderful bath bombs, all with different colors and fragrances. Ocean, calendula, green tea and lavender, and more are what make these bath bombs not only nourishing for your skin but also the basis for awesome aromatherapy. 

With the materials and the production process on-point, with the scents and fragrances being otherworldly, there isn’t all that much to say about this product except that it is exceptionally good and that the packaging reflects that in totality. 

Also, the basic expectations are easily met, by which I mean that it does not stain either the tub or the person bathing, and it isn’t too strong for the nose to irritate it. It is a well-put-together package of bath bombs, which make for an amazing gift to your friends, family, or significant other. 

If you are interested in purchasing this bath bomb set from Aprilis, make sure to check out this button which will take you to Amazon!

12. Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set for Women -“A Dozen Roses”

This product, by Thrive Organics, is a large set of rose-themed and scented aromatherapy bath bombs, which are suitable as a gift for any occasion. The package holds 12 of these rose-scented bath bombs, which will definitely be used up really fast!

There are a couple of other bath bombs on this list that are intended for women and are luxurious, soothing, and sexy. However, in my personal opinion, this is the most feminine and most exquisite one of them all. 

What gives this bath bomb its advantage in my eyes is the organic essential rose oil, which is one of the most luxurious and exceptional feminine scents out there, not only in the category of bath bombs but also in wellness in general. 

These bath bombs are also made with 100% organic materials as the name suggests, so there are no harmful chemicals in them, like parabens, sulfates, or phthalate. This makes your bath experience not only very enjoyable and relaxing but also safe and healthy. 

If you know someone who would appreciate this as a gift, make sure to check out this button to visit Amazon and purchase your set today!

13. 6 Christmas Holiday Bubble Bath Bombs by Two Sisters Spa

Another Two Sisters Spa product landed on our list, and it is their Christmas Holiday set. Usually, when people think of things like bath bombs and bubble baths, floral or herbal scents spring to mind. However, the sweet and incredibly cozy fragrances of this set make it one of my personal favorites. 

As every bath bomb from Two Sisters Spa, these bath bombs also create a massive amount of bubbles, which is awesome if you are looking to really indulge in a holiday bath. They achieve this, as previously mentioned, with the all-natural SLSA, the safe cousin of the SLS that cheaper products use. 

There are altogether 6 bombs in one package, 2 of each of the three scents. The three scents are “Gingerbread Cookie”, “Oh Christmas Tree”, and “Peppermint Twist”. For a holiday-spirited bath, I would personally recommend the gingerbread cookie, but make sure you make some actual cookies because you will definitely develop a craving for them. 

Check them out here, by clicking on this button to Amazon!

14. Da Bomb Glow Bath Bomb, Green

One of the most fun bath bombs on this list, for kids or adults with a child spirit alike, these glowing bath bombs will definitely bring back days of childhood fun. 

Da Bomb is another brand that has popped up a couple of times on today’s list, both because of their awesome products and their backing of positive initiatives. 

This bath bomb is slightly green, but the more fun part about it is that it has a little light bulb inside (more like a light cube), which will light up when the bomb dissolves and the water touches it. This is what creates the glow-in-the-dark look, which makes this bomb all that much more fun. 

It also has a great honeydew scent, which everyone praises in the review section, and I also found exceptionally pleasant. 

If you want to check out this unique bath bomb, you can do so by clicking on this button to visit Amazon!

15. Aofmee Bath Bombs, 7 Pcs

The last bath bombs on our list from Aofmee are meant for the people who adore simple but natural, standard smells and scents. There is nothing fancy or exquisite about these, they are just simply amazing in their simplicity. 

If you are the type who doesn’t like combined and complex scents like gingerbread or things like “summer sunshine”, but enjoy the standard, regular smells that bath bombs usually come in, you have to check these out. 

The 7 piece set comes in a cute circular box, and all the 7 bombs have a different scent (Fresh Mint, Green Tea, Lavender, Chamomile…). 

For those of you out there who love deep natural scents, I recommend you try these bath bombs out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Check them out on this button!

Tips for Buying Bath Bombs

  • Avoid artificial ingredients. When buying any cosmetic or dietary item, or frankly anything that comes into close contact with your body, you should always check the materials the given object or item is made of. If you see artificial colorings, aromas, or perhaps foaming agents like SLS (SLSA is natural), stay away for your own safety since many of these materials are suspected to be carcinogenic. 
  • Check for allergens. One of the things many people tend to forget is that skincare and wellness products can also (and often do) contain allergens. If you are allergic to nuts, a large majority if not all nut-scented bath bombs are just off the limits for you, for example. Often, people don’t take their allergy into consideration when purchasing bath bobs and end up getting rashes or irritation, sometimes even a trip to the ER, unfortunately. 

Make sure you buy it for the right skin type. So, mostly, all bombs are good for a majority of skin types. However, there are quite a lot of bath bombs that are only good for a couple of skin types, due to their high oil and fat content. Always adjust the product you are buying to the body of the person who is going to use it in order to avoid bad results.

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