Are Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers What You Need to Know
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Are Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers What You Need to Know

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Bath bombs are a bathing product that has been in the market for several years now. Many are fond of the benefits and the relaxing effects it can provide to your body while enjoying your bathing experience. Not only is it ideal for adults, but some are actually recommending the product for children. However, it is really okay for your child to be exposed to the compounds of bath bombs. 

Most bath bombs can be considered safe for kids. However, there are a lot of factors that are at play when it comes to determining if the bath bombs of your choice are actually safe for your children or not. There are bath bombs that are mixed with heavy chemicals that might not be ideal for your kids to be exposed to, so you need to be thorough on these matters.

This is something that cannot be easily answered by a simple yes or no as there are a lot of factors involved in determining if bath bombs are really safe for a child’s use. Speaking of these variables, keep reading as we will be discussing some of the things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the bath bomb suited for you and your family.

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers?

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers What You Need to Know

Bath bomb products have been famous for providing an experience like no other during your bathing session. Different types of products have been around for several years now and most of which are made through various processes and methods. These bathing products are also made with different types of materials and compounds that are mainly based on the preference of the customers or manufacturers.

Aside from different types of brands and well-established companies, bath bombs have already been famous and dominantly homemade. Due to its components being available in the market, people have begun manufacturing their own bath bombs and other similar products that are well suited to their taste. This has enabled several individuals to experiment with the types of ingredients they want to put into their own bath bombs.

Now, due to this, not only are bath bombs limited to being produced by various brands and manufacturers, but it has also become local and well known to be produced by different types of households. However, with bath bombs being easily produced by people, there are some that don’t know the negative effects of other specific ingredients or components they are using. 

No matter how trivial the fact may seem in terms of having to know the benefits and side effects of the components being used in creating bath bombs, it is actually worth taking note of. The lack of information on these things may lead to some serious problems, especially if it’s about taking care of yourself. There is no problem in creating your own custom product. Just keep in mind that you need to consider a lot of factors that might lead to some regrettable actions. 

Bath bombs are highly associated with promoting softer and healthier skin but there are things that need to be considered before fully claiming that it is good and beneficial for the skin. In a general sense, yes, most of the bath bombs available in the market can be beneficial for the skin to most of its users, but there are also reports that indicate having some form of rashes and other skin irritations because of the mixed component or ingredient in the product.

The beneficial effects of bath bombs also depend on their user. This would include the manner in how it’s used and also if it’s going to be used by a child or an adult. Keep in mind that kids are more sensitive to the environment and the products that most adults would often use. It might not be for everyone as the sensitivity of the skin may vary from several factors.

So, as a quick answer to the question, it depends. Choosing the bath bomb that is most suitable for children can even be difficult, especially if you are not yet aware of the possibilities of allergies and irritations that might occur upon use. It is also understandable that we only want the best for our kids and knowing the important factors in these kinds of matters is detrimental.

In choosing the best product for your kids, you may want to pick the ones with little to no chemical-based components and ingredients. You may also want to stick with the plain bath bombs containing only the most basic ingredients to avoid any side effects with the unique additives mixed in making the products. This will give you the easiest way of determining if bath bombs or the one that you picked is suitable for your child.

The one thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to picking the bath bomb for your child is its composition. This would often include the ingredients used, the mixture, and even the dosages of these components. By thoroughly checking the label of the bath bomb that you wanted to purchase, you can easily assess if it will be harmful to your child’s skin and health. 

You might also want to avoid bath bombs that are heavy on dyes. We know that bath bombs are somewhat incomplete without their pretty colors dispersing while fizzing in your tub, but if it’s the safety of your child, you really want to think about not getting those types. There are bath bombs that are mixed with heavy dyes that could even lead to some issues for your tub and not just on your skin. Staining is the common issue that you will be having if you are not discrete enough on these matters. 

Another thing is the additives or decorative materials that are usually mixed with the most presentable bath bombs in the market. These additives commonly consist of glitters, dried flower petals, or other plant materials. Aside from the fact that these things might lead to another problem on your tub pipes and jetting, it can also cause some major irritation on the skin. 

Are Lush Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers?

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers What You Need to Know

The safety assessment for bath bombs is applied generally to all brands of the product out there. When making a purchase of bath bombs intended for your children’s use, you might want to investigate the composition and ingredients in it. Regardless of how famous or trustworthy the brand is, it is still a good practice to read through the label so that you have an idea of what’s in the product. 

Good thing Lush has been developing bath bombs that are to be considered more suited for kids. The brand was able to produce bath bombs without the use of sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES). Even though this component is already being used as a traditional compound used in several baby products in the market, they still decided to remove this from their bath bomb formula. This is perhaps another step in removing similar chemical-based ingredients to indicate it is safer compared to other products.

The bath bombs made by Lush that are designed for kids are generally composed of organic compounds. This is in replacement of the typical components in making bath bombs such as lathering and synthetic agents or even perfumes. In addition to this, they also produced bath bombs that contain small toys inside. This makes the children’s experience in taking a bath more enjoyable and worth looking forward to.

Lush bath bombs offer different types of variations. Some of these are made with natural ingredients so you can be sure that they are safe to use and will not trigger some form of irritations. However, allergies are a different thing. Allergies can be problematic however you see it, from simple rashes, irritations, and it could even lead to inflammations. 

If you are to compare several bath bomb products in the market, you will easily find the Lush brand being one of the most famous and highly recommended. This is easily proven by several reviews from its users is one of the best bath bombs not just for adults but also for their kids as well. Deciding on which company offers the safest products for their customers is never easy, but with this, Lush is really something that you can consider when it comes to quality. 

Allergies are something that many people often acquire by birth. Most of which are just not thoroughly observed that often leads to some unexpected health issues. This can also be practiced in deciding the products you will be used regardless if it’s bathing, cosmetics, or any other purposes. If you or your child is allergic to some components mixed in the bath bombs you wish to purchase, then you might want to stay away from those products. 

Nonetheless, keep in mind that bath bombs for kids should essentially be made with natural ingredients to avoid any skin irritations that could even lead to health problems. In general, there are no bath bombs specifically created for children of any age. Bath bombs are mainly composed of several core ingredients that describe them, as their name implies. 

Can a 1-year-old use a bath bomb?

You might be considering having your baby experience the joy and excitement in taking a bath with a bath bomb but similar to the other mentioned concerns, it depends. According to research, it is only indicated that babies under three months are not ideally safe to be exposed to such products. No matter how the manufacturers and brands imply that their products are safe for children, most of which still contain harmful components that could affect your child. 

There are bath bomb products that are labeled safe for kids. However, you still need to thoroughly check the label and included ingredients to be sure. Now, we all know that a child’s skin is sensitive to other components. Sadly, bath bombs don’t necessarily indicate the exact levels and composition measurements they mix when creating the products. 

There are also manufacturers that only list a couple of ingredients as their highlight but don’t really include all of the components in the mixture. This makes it difficult when choosing the best-suited bathing product for you and your family. Perhaps the only way to properly address this is to choose the most reputable brand in being transparent on how their bath bombs are made and the volume of the involved ingredients.

Now, you might see bath bombs that indicate on their labels that they are safe to be used for children. Even though some part of this statement is true, remember that not everything is listed on every product’s label. As convincing as it may get, always be meticulous when it comes to choosing the perfect bath bomb for you and your family. It never hurts to be prepared than to regret things in the end. 

It would be best if you stick with the typical soap designed for kids to avoid any issues when it comes to being exposed to the mixture of compounds in a bath bomb. Although there are types that are specifically designed for kids, they may still contain unlisted chemicals that could lead to some probable allergies or irritations. But if you really wanted to have your kid experience the exquisite feeling you having a bath bomb, it would be alright. However, you would not want to do it on a frequent basis. 

What Are the Dangers of Bath Bombs for Toddlers?

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Toddlers What You Need to Know

Just like in all aspects of life, there will always be a negative side to things. In the production of bath bombs, it has been widely known that most of this product has been able to promote softer and healthy skin. But among those positive outcomes, there are also some feedbacks and reviews indicating that bath bombs were the cause of their allergies and irritations. 

One major thing that you need to know is that all or if not, most of the brands and manufacturers of this bathing product don’t specifically indicate the included ingredients and the measurements of the mixed components. This is understandable due to the fact that they are also trying to protect or disclose the blend of their product.

No matter how we view this case, it is the consumers or customers that will be the judge of their very own product. Even though the released items from the manufacturers are tagged as safe for kids, we really don’t know the full details of their compositions, so you really ought to be careful when making a purchase. Also, the negative effects on the body vary on the ingredients, regardless if it’s natural or not, and also the levels of its mixtures.

The one negative reaction that people are getting not just on kids but also on adults is skin irritations. These would often occur not just because of the involved chemicals but also of the natural ingredients. Bath bombs that are mainly based on natural ingredients do not mean that there are no side effects to their various users. As we have previously stated, the skin sensitivity of each individual varies.

If adults are getting some form of skin irritation from some of these products, what more do you expect if a child or toddler is exposed to some of these things. Now it does not mean that all bath bombs are capable of delivering such negative outcomes. This just shows that not all types of this product are a hundred percent accurate and dependable when it says it’s safe for children.

Aside from skin irritations, the possibility of having an allergic reaction to the components is also possible. This may come in several forms, such as rashes or redness on different areas of the body. This is perhaps the most common side effects that users are experiencing especially if the plant-based material mixed in the bath bombs are not well-suited for their skin. 

Allergies are not just frequent on chemical-based products but only on natural or organic compounds. In fact, it is most prominent with the presence of anything that is plant-based ingredients. These allergies may be caused by a specific plant extract or even part of a plant that is often included as a decoration for some of the bath bombs in the market.

Several manufacturers also include an adequate amount of fragrances in their bath bombs. These are commonly emitted by essential oils but there are also some synthetic compounds mixed into these things. Although it can be considered natural or organic, there are still noticeable effects not just on the skin but also on the overall health by just being exposed to the materials. 

You may also want to consider the probability of some unknown pre-existing conditions. This may be something trivial, but you really don’t want to have some emergencies while taking a bath with your child. The best way to prevent this is to consult your pediatrician in terms of any possible conditions that may arise. This will also help you and your child in the future by having an idea of what to avoid. 

How to Choose Bath Bombs for Kids

Deciding which bath bomb to pick for your kid is not as simple as you thought it would be. Like we have mentioned, there are just some variables that you really need to think about first before grabbing a couple of sets or packages of bath bombs at your local store. Not only should you think about the compatibility of the product for your child, but you should also know if there will be any side effects in the long run. 

1. Plain and Simple

In terms of choosing your most desired bath bombs, some people would often pick those that contain the most beneficial ingredients, the most aromatic, and even the prettiest bath bomb there is on the market. However, this is not necessarily the same when it comes to choosing for your child. Children’s skin is highly sensitive in comparison to us adults, and they are also prone to some forms of irritations that could go on not for a few hours but even several days.

The ideal product for your kid is mainly the most basic bath bomb there is. The fact that bath bombs are usually composed of several ingredients and combinations of mixtures in their formula. You may want to opt for those that are made with only a couple of components in the product. This reduces the chance of having your child’s skin react to some of the chemical and even organic compounds during their bath. 

2. Go for Natural and Organic

This is something that should already be a given, yet we would still like to remind you to choose the bath bombs made with the most organic components. Chemical-based ingredients are oftentimes the cause of irritations on the skin and can be more harmful if your child is exposed to some of these compounds. Aim for those products that are known to be made with organic or natural contents.

3. Do Your Research

Read several reviews, read the labels, thoroughly check the actual item itself. These are just a few steps that you need to do before heading over to the counter and make a purchase. It is very common for manufacturers to provide a label on their products indicating the included ingredients in the mixture of creating their bath bombs. Some of which would often include common terms but oftentimes, you will encounter some unfamiliar terminologies.

These terminologies are used to give the users the illusion of the unknown. Most people tend to just disregard these things because they haven’t heard or is unfamiliar with what it is. This is something that you need to be aware of, especially if you are making a purchase not just for yourself but your child as well. By simply doing your research about the involved ingredients in a product gives you a better understanding of its possible effects on the skin and health.

4. Test It

As basic as it sounds, you really just need to test the product first before buying a box or a couple of dozens and then regret having to purchase them in the first place. Even though you have already checked the ingredients, the labels and also checked hundreds of reviews about the product you wanted to purchase, checking is still something you need to do first.

Regardless of how many users have provided or left some positive reviews about the product, you need to consider that not all individuals are the same. You might suddenly encounter an allergic reaction or some form of rashes the moment the bath bomb dissolves in the water. The perfect way to check this is to perform a patch test of the product sample. This will give you an idea of the item that you have been eyeing that is really suited for you and your family. 

5 Best Bath Bombs for Toddlers

1. INTEYE Bath Bombs Gift Set

The INTEYE bath bombs gift set offers 24 pcs of the wonderful experience that you and your child can enjoy. The product promotes its organic raw materials used in creating this wondrous product and has passed FDA certification. A well-checked and safe bath bomb that you can get for your family or even as a gift. 

2. Spa-Da Kids Bath Bombs

A pack of 8 bath bombs that are made without any harmful chemicals and no strong dyes that can stain your tub. The Spa-Da bath bombs are generally composed of only 9 major ingredients and make it an ideal product not just for kids but also for moms as well. 

3. Mineral Me California Bath Bombs for Kids

If you are looking for a bath bomb that will excite your kids whenever they are going to take a bath, then Mineral Me California Bath Bombs is perhaps the product for you. This bath bomb provides a twist in your child’s bathing experience because of the toys inside the product itself. The set of 12 contains different types of animals and every bath will surely be a surprise on what is the next jungle animal inside.

4. Airdom Dinosaur Bath Bombs for Kids

If your kid is into something prehistoric and wants to enjoy an exciting experience in bathing, the Airdom Dinosaur Bath Bombs are just the perfect way to deliver this. The pack comes in a set of 12 egg dinosaur bath bombs that also contains small toys for your kids to enjoy. The product is composed of relaxing scents and natural ingredients that are safe for kids. 

5. Aofmee Bath Bombs

The Aofmee Bath Bombs is perhaps one of the most appealing and beautifully designed bath bombs out there in the market. The package contains six wonderfully crafted bath bombs that easily stand out from the rest of the products in this category. Not only is it gorgeous, but it is also made with organic components that you and your child’s skin wouldn’t experience any form of irritations.

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