Can You Bring Bath Bombs On An Airplane?
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Can You Bring Bath Bombs On An Airplane?

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Although stress is an inevitable experience for most people trying to board a plane, there are lots of things that you can do to make the experience less frustrating. One of them is by adhering strictly to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules and regulations regarding what to bring on board. For instance, in case you’re considering traveling alongside your skincare products, including bath bombs, shampoos, liquid soaps, and many more, you need to pay attention to them and see if they are not part of the prohibited items listed by TSA.

That said, here’s a burning question; are skincare products, such as bath bombs, allowed on airplanes?

You can bring bath bombs on an airplane. Bath bombs are made from naturally occurring ingredients, such as citric acid. None of them are listed as prohibited items by TSA. Besides, bath bombs aren’t liquid products – meaning they’re allowed on airplanes. The only problem, however, is that you must avoid declaring them as bath “bombs”.

There are lots of reasons why TSA has chosen to ban travelers from traveling with certain items when boarding a plane. For instance, the organization limits bringing in containers “to only what can fit inside a quart-size bag” because it’s trying to prevent what is called “critical diameter” to blow up an aircraft.

In the rest of this article, we’ll be further sharing with you everything you need to know about traveling on board with skincare products like bath bombs. Furthermore, this will include how you can take advantage of the best approach to pack your bath bombs in suitcases.

Can You Bring Bath Bombs On An Airplane?

According to TSA, for you to enjoy a smooth screening process and a better travel experience while boarding an airplane, you must follow its rules and regulations regarding the packing of items. Speaking of the rules, one of them says you can only bring in small quantities of liquids – 3.4 ounces at most. Another one says high-volume alcoholic products are included in the list of restricted items on a plane.

Regarding the question of whether or not bath bombs are allowed on airplanes, the answer is “yes, they are allowed”. As we all know, bath bombs are made from naturally occurring ingredients, such as Epsom salts, citric acid, baking soda, and many more. Interestingly, these ingredients aren’t harmful or part of the list of items prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Don’t say “bomb”!

Another reason why bringing bath bombs on an airplane won’t be a problem is because the products are not liquid substances. Although bath bombs are made from liquid ingredients, such as citric acid, essential oil, and almond oil, the presence of baking soda and probably kaolin clay helps to solidify and harden them.

That said, the only time you can face a little stress when traveling on a plane with bath bombs is when you’re declaring your items during the security check-in process. For you to enjoy a smooth screening process and avoid being misunderstood during this period, you should not declare the products as “bath bombs”.

Although it’s not illegal to mention the term “bomb” in an airport, it isn’t a good term to use either – especially if you’re looking to enjoy a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Certainly, Bath bombs are skincare products and they are not harmful. However, declaring that you have them in your luggage might not be the best decision for you, as it can bring about misunderstanding at the security check-in points.

That said, the best way to declare your bath bombs at the airport is by calling them bath salts, bath puck, bath bubbles, bath ballistics, bath ball, or any other non-alarming name. The point is you need to avoid using the term “bomb”, as it’s not a friendly word to use in an airport.

How Do You Pack A Bath Bomb In A Suitcase?

Can You Bring Bath Bombs On An Airplane?

Now that you know that bringing bath bombs on airplanes isn’t prohibited, you can start packing them.

Almost everybody loves bath bombs and the experience that comes with using them. As such, many people will appreciate the amazing products if you offer them as gifts. In case you’d like to pack lots of bath bombs along with you when boarding a plane, you need to familiarize yourself with the best way to pack them.

If you don’t know, there are lots of reasons why it’s important to pack your bath bombs the right way when boarding a plane. First, these products tend to be less effective if not properly stored. That’s so because they react very quickly, especially when they are exposed to air or moisture.

Also, bath bombs can break if not well packaged or if placed side by side with hard items. Another reason why it’s important to pack your bath bombs properly is that the products have strong scents, which may affect your seatmate. 

Furthermore, TSA also has some rules and regulations, when it comes to how you can pack your luggage before boarding a plane. Are you familiar with TSA’s carry-on rules about liquids, toiletries, and 3-1-1 rules? If not, familiarizing yourself with them is one of the ways to fully understand how to best pack your skincare products when boarding an airplane.

The rule

Speaking of 3-1-1 rules, it’s one of the TSA rules that restrict bringing certain liquid products when boarding an airplane. The rule, which was first adopted in 2006, states that carry-on liquid products can’t just go into your toiletries bag, as they need to be screened. Apart from that, the rule also makes it clear the quantity of liquid that you can carry on per container.

Well, as earlier mentioned, bath bombs are not liquids, so we are safe and don’t need to worry too much about this rule. For best results, here are a few simple steps on how you can pack bath bombs in a suitcase.

  • For best results, you can make use of plastic Ziplock bags and shrink wraps for packing your bath bombs. These items are ideal, especially if the bath bombs are going to be gifted.
  • Ensure you fold over the top of the wrapper tightly to avoid oxidation reaction.
  • Lastly, keep them inside your suitcase by tucking them between something soft in the box. Doing that will prevent the scent of the bath bombs from affecting your seatmate.

Can You Bring Lush Products On A Plane?

Yes, you can always pack lush products inside your luggage, without having to worry about any restrictions by TSA.

Here’s why

In case you’re not familiar with the term “lush products”, they are creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, toothpaste tablets, produced by Lush Cosmetics. The company was co-founded in 1995 by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir. Furthermore, lush products are made from naturally occurring ingredients, such as baking soda. 

Over the years, lush has grown massively, becoming very popular across the world. Well, this popularity is a result of the approach that the company utilizes to sell soaps and other products. Starting in Poole, UK, the company now has over 900 stores across the globe, with about 250 of them in the United States.

Furthermore, there are lots of benefits attached to making use of Lush products. One of them is that the company doesn’t test its products on animals. Instead, it tests the effectiveness of the products on humans by seeking their consent.

Furthermore, lush products aren’t liquids and they aren’t made from toxic substances restricted by TSA. With that, it means you can travel with them when boarding an airplane. It also means that you can rest assured that packing them inside your luggage won’t cause any issue, such as liquid soaps pouring inside your luggage.

As mentioned earlier, the TSA has placed a ban on traveling with a certain amount of liquid soaps and shampoos. If you’ll be traveling for a long period, you’ll surely need enough of your skincare products. That’s where lush products come into the scene. 

List of lush products that you can bring on an airplane

Can You Bring Bath Bombs On An Airplane?

When traveling on airplanes, you can bring in lots of non-liquid skincare products – all thanks to Lush. Some of them include “shampoo and conditioner bars”, lush “mouthwash tabs”, toothpaste tabs, and solid shower gels. That’s not all! Other lush products that you can bring in without having to worry about TSA restrictions include solid lush scrubbers, lush moisturizers, and lush facial cleansers, such as Fresh Farmacy.

  • Lush shampoos

With lush shampoos, you won’t have to worry about TSA’s rules and regulations regarding the packing of liquid items. One of the benefits of these products is that they are great for your strands, as well as the environment. Interestingly, you’ll be able to use a single lush shampoo bar about 80 times, to wash your hair.

  • Lush conditioners

There are lots of benefits attached to using conditioners. First, it helps to prevent hair tangling and breakage. Apart from that, it also helps to improve the hair, keeping it soft and smooth.

Since you’re planning to board an airplane, lush conditioners are best for you. Apart from the fact that they are allowed on the plane, they also help to save you from a potentially messy situation, which may arise as a result of liquid pouring inside your luggage.

  • Lush perfumes

According to the TSA, you’re allowed to pack perfumes and other scents when traveling on an airplane – so far they’re not more than the standard 3.4 ounces. That said, you can always put them in your checked or carry-on bags. In case you’re the type that likes using lush perfumes, you’re free to pack them with you while traveling. That’s so because there are no rules preventing travelers from packing the substance in their carry-on or checked bags.

  • Lush toothpaste tabs

Toothpaste is a liquid substance. With that, it means if you’re going to travel with it, you have to pack it by following the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule. Well, in case you don’t want to go through any stress, Lush sells toothpaste tabs.

Furthermore, these products are effective and are allowed on the plane. One of the benefits of lush toothpaste tabs is that you can always get a small box that’ll last you for a couple of months.

  • Lush deodorant

Everybody likes to smell good all day long. Since that’s the case, most people prefer using deodorants. But here’s a question, what amount of your deodorants can you travel with? According to TSA, you’re only permitted to bring in deodorant if it’s not more than 3.4 ounces.

Do you know that you can always save yourself stress by traveling with non-liquid deodorants? Lush sells solid deodorants, which are designed like a bar of soap. They can effectively help to absorb sweat and hold off stinky bacteria.

  • Lush serum

Just like many liquid items, there’s a limit to the amount of skincare serum that you can pack in your carry-on when boarding a plane. That said, here’s a question, are you aware of solid face serum? Well, in case you haven’t, lush sells solid face serums and of course, they’re very safe when boarding an airplane.

With lush serum, you’ll be able to reduce the stress of the TSA liquid restrictions as well as your chances of encountering potential liquid spilling in your luggage.

  • Lush shower gel

Shower gels are liquid products used for cleaning the body during showers. In case you’re interested in reducing the stress that comes with TSA liquid restrictions, it’s worth knowing that there are also non-liquid shower gels. Lush sells solid shower gels that are very effective and of course, are also allowed on the plane.

  • Lush mouthwash tabs

Just like toothpaste tabs, Lush also sells mouthwash tabs. This non-liquid product is very effective and besides that, it’ll also help to reduce the stress that comes with packing liquid items.

  • Lush solid facial cleanser

Facial cleansers are liquid skincare products that help to remove make-up, oil, dirt, pollutants, and dead skin cells, from the skin. Most people utilize this amazing product because it helps to clear pores and prevent certain skin issues.

Here’s a question, do you know that there are also non-liquid facial cleansers? Yes, Lush sells solid facial cleansers, which are effective to help balance your skin. Without worrying about TSA’s liquid restrictions, you can always travel with this product by tucking it inside your carry-on or checked bags.

Can You Take Bath Salts On A Plane?

Can You Bring Bath Bombs On An Airplane?

Before going ahead to answer the burning question above, let’s start by addressing the question of “what are bath salts?”

Bath salts are granular substances made from sea salt or magnesium sulfate, like Epsom salt. Speaking of their usage, they are often dissolved in water and utilized for a lot of things, including stress, headaches, and body pains.

Bath salts are very essential products for human health, as they play an important role in helping to address health challenges, such as muscle pain & stiffness, aching joints, arthritis, circulation problems, headaches, anxiety and stress, skin conditions, such as eczema,  and dry/itchy skin.

Now, to our burning question of whether or not bath salts are allowed on airplanes, the answer is yes. However, you’ll have to pack them according to the TSA rule on how you can bring powder and granular items on a plane.

TSA powder & granular substance rule

According to the TSA, if your powder is 12 ounces (350 ml) or less, you are free to pack them in your carry-on without having to worry about any security checks. There are a few reasons why TSA allows bringing in 350ml or less of powder or granular substances in your carry-on. One of them, which is the most important, is security issues.

In case you don’t know, powders, especially black and smokeless types, are low-explosive fillers. However, according to experts, 350ml of such substances isn’t enough to blow an aircraft.

Furthermore, in case you’re traveling with powder or granular materials that are more than 12 ounces, TSA says you can put them in your carry-on. However, you’ll need to declare them at the security check-in points. The substances will be checked, and possibly might require further examination, depending on the officers.

“Bath salts” are other names for “drugs”

Don’t get it all mixed up! It’s worth noting that there are also bath salts that are not Epsom salts. The name is also given to a class of drugs, called synthetic cathinones.

Synthetic cathinones are lab-made cathinones found in some bath salts. They include 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, methylone, and many more. These drug bath salts are very strong and can cause harmful effects on the body system.

In October 2011, the Drug Enforcement Administration was able to place an emergency ban on some synthetic cathinones. Further action was taken by President Barack Obama in July 2012, when he permanently banned a couple of the drug bath salts; mephedrone and MDPV.

That said, because of this kind of bath salts, you’ll most likely need to declare your bath salts at the security check-in points.

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