Can You Use Bath Bombs and Salts in a Jetted Tub?
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Can You Use Bath Bombs and Salts in a Jetted Tub?

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You might be wondering if it’s okay to use bath bombs or salts in your jetted tub. Now, there are some variables that you might want to consider and think through first before using those relaxing and aromatic bath bombs to your tub. Now, let’s discuss a couple of things before you proceed in dropping those fresh bombs into your tub.

You can use bath bombs and salts in your jetted tub. But if you are to consider if it’s safe, probably the answer to that is most likely no. There are several factors that you need to think through before using bath bombs and salts in your jetted tub as it might be harmful and may cause other issues not just on the tub itself but to you as well. 

Bath bombs and salts are something that you really would want to enjoy using. Besides the fact that it includes aromatherapeutic oils, essential oils, moisturizer, and some other stuff that makes you feel relaxed, helps you detoxify, and other healing properties. Now, before you go and enjoy yourself with a nice bath using those aromatic bombs and salts, let’s discuss first the major factors on why and why you should not be using bath bombs and salts in your jetted tub. We will also be talking about some things that can help prevent any damage to your jetted tub.

Can You Use Bath Bombs in a Jetted Tub?

Bath bombs have been around for several years already, and many of them have already developed assorted varieties in providing comfort and soothing effects to their users. The main feature that is most loved by people would be the ability to turn a typical bath into a delightful, relaxing, and soothing experience. On top of all the things mentioned, taking a warm bath will help support the healthy circulation of the blood throughout the body. 

The answer to this is yes. You can use bath bombs in a jetted tub. But we need to be specific when using these things in your jetted tub. There are several bath bombs that contain oils, dye, glitters, confetti, salts, and other floral materials that might cause problems in your tub. The accumulation of oils in the pipes may pose a risk of damaging and clogging the motor or jets. Of course, there are steps that may prevent this from happening by simply following the manufacturer’s guidelines of your jetted tub.

There are several types of bath bombs that are out in the market and if not assessed properly, you are either in for a surprise after several bathing sessions with your recently purchased bath bonds and next thing you know, the jets on your bathtub are not working anymore. You just have to be mindful in picking the perfect and essentially the ones that may not cause any issues to your tub. So, in case you are still wondering if you can use bath bombs in your jetted tub, keep reading as we will be presenting to you several action steps that you can perform to avoid any dilemma with your precious tub.

Would a Bath Bomb Ruin a Hot Tub?

Can You Use Bath Bombs and Salts in a Jetted Tub?

There have been several instances that a bathtub was completely ruined with the use of bath bombs. This is due to the reason being, not only do bath bombs are mixed with essential oils, but other types also contain coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea oil, and many other oil-based materials. Take note that not all of the included substances are listed in the product description. These substances can accumulate and form by attaching to the linings, walls, pipes, and many other areas of the tub. 

Aside from the oil-based substances, you might want to watch out for the colorants that are involved in purchasing your bath bombs. With the oils and colorants, there’s also the fizzing compound, to the extent that might affect the circulation of the pipes due to excessive foaming.  Surely it would be a struggle to remove the stains after taking a bath, but just imagine if it’s already several baths and you still haven’t decided to clean your bathtub. It would be best to pick or go for the less vivid colored bath bombs available and try to test them first before fully dunking them into the tub.

Ideally, bath bombs are safe to use in hot tubs if they are used properly. With the diverse production of bath bombs nowadays, there are some components within most of them that may cause major issues on your expensive tub. Some examples would be glitters, confetti, and flower petals. These are things that you need to look out for when purchasing bath bombs as they are the often cause of problems in hot tub owners. Neglecting these things may force you to spend unwanted amounts of money on fixing your bathtub.

Can You Use Bath Salts in a Jetted Tub?

Bath salts have been widely used in previous years. Some of which contain other trace minerals, Epsom salts, and also essential oils. They are mainly designed to help in relaxing, a form of detox, and helping easing discomforts such as muscle aches and stiffness or even inflammations on the skin. Other health-related benefits of using bath salts would include the development of vital healing properties that trigger high levels of cellular functions. Also, according to research, bath salts can play a role in adjusting and developing better sleep patterns for those who are suffering from insomnia. 

As a quick answer to this, yes, you can use bath salts in a jetted tub. But in doing so, keep in mind that there are a couple of things that need to be considered, especially if you are still unsure of the type or specific product you want to use. Similar to bath bombs, there are things that may pose major issues on your tub if not used properly. Given examples of which are, accumulation of salt crystals that might clog the pipes and jets of your bathtub. Residual contents mixed with the bath salts is also something that you might want to look into, and oil-based compounds, if not thoroughly cleaned, would be another thing that can lead to an inconvenience.

Just like with the use of bath bombs, there will be circumstances that could lead to disappointments if you neglect some of the things that were and will be discussed on the following topics. We highly recommend contemplating on some of the key points that will be presented so that you can avoid any possible problems that you might face in deciding what perfect product suits you, and how to be prepared whenever you are faced with any aggravations in using your bathtub.

Would Bath Salts Ruin a Jetted Tub?

Can You Use Bath Bombs and Salts in a Jetted Tub?

Manufacturers would usually provide guides and policies on the use of bath salts and other similar products. Typically, they would remind you about salt crystals, residual oils, and any other debris which can get stuck in the jets, water lines, and other areas that can cause problems and might void the warranty of the product. In some cases, issues on the pump system would occur due to rust and corrosion, leading to replacing the pump itself or spending a lot of money just to have it fixed.

So to answer the question, maybe. Everything will entirely depend on the product that you will choose and how you are able to manage and maintain your bathtub. But, if you are vigorous enough to clean it from time to time or even every after using it, then there’s very minimal to none when it comes to concern yourself about any possible issues that might occur in the future.

If used properly, there is no harm in using bath salts in a jetted tub. But in trying to choose the perfect bath salt for you and for your tub, you need to be mindful of the different offers in the market. The ideal type of bath salt that you would want to consider using are basic and plain bath salts such as coarse or dead sea salts. The reason being is because there are no added oils or dyes that may have residues that can cause clogging in the jets intake or pipes. 

How to Prevent Bath Bombs and Salts from Damaging Your Jetted Tub?

In using bath bombs, others would say that it is not advisable to use them on a jetted tub, while some would also mention that it is perfectly fine. To clarify things, it may be ideal to actually take into consideration what makes bath bombs a major risk factor to your jetted tub. With so many varieties and options to choose from in the market, you might wonder which of them are suitable for your needs while not being the reason for the casualty of your expensive bathtub. 

Now, in using bath bombs, you want to choose the right type for your jetted tub. With diversified choices out there, ones having essential oils, flower petals, glitter, confetti, and any other stuff that might cause cloggings to your jets and pipelines, you can have them contained in mesh bags. I know you might be thinking of what’s the use of buying those types of bath bombs if you’re not able to actually enjoy the good stuff. Well, this is basically to prevent any debris that will freely flow, and that leads to you not being able to use your jetted tub after a few baths.

Another thing, as recommended by several manufacturers, is to turn off the jets whenever you are trying to use bath bombs which may pose a threat to the pipelines and jets of the tub. It may appear to be not fully utilizing the features of a jetted tub, but in order to take care of and prolong the lifespan of your tub, it is something worth considering. 

Lastly, this is something that you should know already, but in case you have forgotten or seldomly do this, it is to clean your jetted tub regularly. You can view this as a wake-up call or a reminder on maintaining a well-operating jetted tub is to clean it as often as you can. Perhaps one of the best ways to clean a jetted tub is to use hot water and a dishwasher detergent and have it running for at least 15 to 20 mins. Especially when you are using bath bombs, it is best to clean your bathtub after using 2 or 3 bath bombs. 

Similar to bath bombs, bath salts are usually composed of the same additives or extras, though there are still plain salts that are really advisable if you are using a jetted tub. Now, there might be instances that some of the salt clumps together, leading to a clogged drain and jets, something that we would really want to avoid as well. You can choose types without oils and dyes as these are the usual additives mixed with bath salts. Also, you would want to pick powdered salt or smaller chunks as refined quality can easily be dissolved. With this, it is still advisable to not use the jets to prevent any possibilities of issues that might occur.

To sum things up, this applies to both bath bombs and bath salts, avoid oil additives that may damage the pipe, coat the inner tubes or plumbing, and can cause permanent discoloration. You might be thinking that most of these can be prevented by just cleaning the bathtub regularly. Well, it is true for those who happen to have extra time to actually clean and check it every once in a while. But for those who lack the ability to manage and thoroughly inspect and even clean their bathtub, it would be ideal to keep these things in mind.

Best Bath Bombs for a Jetted Tub

Can You Use Bath Bombs and Salts in a Jetted Tub?

There are so many choices out in the market that might have caught your attention, and that is completely natural, but bear in mind, as we have discussed, not all of the ingredients or components within any specific bath bombs are listed on the label. You need to consider testing several products and choose what works best for you and your bathtub to avoid any possible problems in the future. As tempting as it may seem to focus on the aesthetics and any other visual pleasantries in picking your bath bomb, try to focus on the things that you really need and the factors that will not affect your usage of the product with your bathtub. What we are mainly trying to avoid would be the possible occurrence of any issues that can prevent you from enjoying the experience of bathing or worse, not being able to properly utilize your jetted tub and wasting a lot of money having it fixed or replaced.

The best probable answer to this is anything, as long as you have taken into consideration the mentioned issues that might occur if you happen to choose those that are containing any particular additives such as oils, dyes, confetti, flower petals, and much more similar to these. Now, you might be thinking about the lack of actual experience in using the specific functionalities of your bathtub, which is actually true if you are trying to prevent any damage or issues from happening. But it is still entirely up to you on how you would use and manage these things that best suits your preference. 

Best Bath Salts for a Jetted Tub

If you have taken into consideration the presented points and aspects of picking the best bath salts for your jetted tub, you would incidentally pick a basic, plain bath salt as your choice. Not only does this not come with several mentioned additives that may cause or trigger some major headaches for your jetted bathtub. It is also the best form of salt to be used in alleviating dry skin conditions as well as an exfoliant that improves the texture of the skin.

You are not limited to just the plain bath salts available. You can still pick other products that offer minimal essential oil contents and several aromatic components. The main goal is still to be able to enjoy the experience of bathing using your jetted tub. Being the case, it is highly recommended to check and be thorough about the listed ingredients on the label so that you have an idea of how to deal with any possible issue that might happen.

Now, with all of the things being mentioned about the best products, ways on how it can pose as a factor that might damage or affect your overall comfort in using your bathtub. It would still be based on your decisions. Let’s say you really want to try a personalized soothing experience of using specific bath salts or bath bombs while the jets are working on your jetted bathtub. That is completely fine, but keep in mind that you are only accountable for your actions, and it is up to you to properly clean and how often you want it done to avoid some inconveniences. 

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