How Many Times Can You Use A Bath Bomb?
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How Many Times Can You Use A Bath Bomb?

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As common as it is, bathing is among the most straightforward and truly great ways of relaxing and gaining composure. When taking a bath, you can choose to set the perfect aura for yourself depending on your mood. One way is by dimming the lights a little or even go as far as turning on some music. Soon after, you will be sinking into the blood hot water and fantasize about an escape from reality. Unfortunately, having a bathtub getaway without bath bombs is not an exhilarating experience. 

At least not with all the dullness offered by foam and water alone. By producing an explosion of color, soft bubbles, as well as an intoxicating scent, including bath bombs in your bathtub getaway, can help transform your whole bathing experience into a fantasy-come-true. However, you may have many questions about the use and safety of bath bombs. Worry not; this post includes everything you would wish to know to improve your general bathing experience.

Bath bombs were intended for single-use only. However, since they can be hard to let go of and disappointing when the stock runs out, you may reuse them again and again. However, the catch is that, since they provide the same benefits and a similar experience, they become less effective after each use.

Also known as bath fizzers, bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures containing dry ingredients such as citric acid, baking soda, essential oil, and cornstarch. When added to water, bath bombs dissolve to form a soothing and bubbly substance, which sets up the mood for fantasy. 

Although they had a spherical shape in the beginning, beauty and bathing companies have, over the years, shown more creativity by incorporating more shapes and designs. You are likely to come across bath fizzers with different shapes, including ones resembling ice cream cones, fruits, pies, or even donuts. Also, it is important to note that they come in a variety of sparkles and colored swirls.

How do you reuse bath bombs?

An amazing discovery, the bath bomb we use today, was first invented by Mo Constantine in 1989. Drawing inspiration majorly from Aqua Sizzlers, the Lush Cosmetics founder tried the first bath bomb experiment right in her shade. While the bubbly reaction occurs due to the acid and bicarbonate base reaction, the bath fizzers beauty products also vary in color, scents, lathering agents, dyes, and essential oils that make them popular for those seeking form a more invigorating bath.

Below is the perfect way to use bath bombs according to expert advice:

1. Fill your bathtub to the brim with water prior to dropping the fizzer in. This way, you will allow it to dissolve properly.

2. Although there is no specified temperature to use the bath bomb with, you are advised to use warm water. Some ingredients, such as cocoa butter, which may be included in the product, cannot melt unless used with warm water.

3. While some bath bombs relax, others may invigorate; thus, you have to ensure that the bath oil you use synergizes with your bath bomb for maximum results.

4. For those with highly sensitive skins, it is best that you include oat milk, lavender, or rose in the water.

It is a wonder how bath bombs can transform the whole bathing experience and elevate it to a whole new and unforgettable level. Not only do they improve the general bathroom smell, but they also contain various ingredients that can deliver numerous benefits to the human skin. For these reasons, most people will want to try and get more than a single-use out of their fizzers. As mentioned before, the benefits and experience enjoyed in reusing bath bombs are similar to when using a newly purchased one, although the intensity will vary.

For the first time, drop the bomb into the water-filled bathtub and wait for the bubbling session to begin. However, keen caution should be taken in order to prevent it from dissolving completely. As this may prove to be hard for first-time bath bomb re-users, it may call for several attempts before knowing the perfect time to take it out without having dissolved too much.

Once you think it has dissolved enough, you can now remove the fizzer from the water and dry it up immediately. The trick is also trying to blow hot or warm hair on the colorful ball using a blow dryer in order to dry the remaining portion. Finally, ensure that you store the remaining bath bomb in a plastic bag.

Should you cut bath bombs in half?

How Many Times Can You Use A Bath Bomb?

Another clever way to use a bath bomb more than once is by cutting it into two halves and using one portion for a single bath. However, they are designed for a single bathing session. Many people still think that using one half is as good as using it as a whole.

If you plan to split your fizzer into two, consider purchasing products with circular shapes and feature a crease in the middle. This is largely because bath bombs with other shapes apart from round tend to crumble when being cut. Luckily, it is a straightforward process that only requires that you have a flat-head screwdriver, a kitchen mallet, a cutting board, and a plastic bag.

Now, back to our main concern, is it okay to cut your bath bomb in half? Well, there is no harm in doing so since you can also cut them into thirds depending on your convenience.

Bath fizzers are thought to be gorgeous and can be said to give an out-of-the-world feeling. Although this may stop you from dividing them into halves, it is something that shouldn’t worry you at all. By cutting them, they will in no way get damaged. As a result, it means that you can double the number of uses, as well as experience given by a single-use bath bomb. 

Noticeably, the best thing is that still, there will not be a significant change in the experience received. In simpler words, you will still feel the same regardless of the bomb size. However, this may vary across bath bombs depending on their quality and price. The rule of thumb dictates that cheap, low-quality bath bombs should not be cut but used as a whole. Fortunately, there are quality bath bombs that can be cut without worrying about getting them crumbled or damaged in the process.

The safest way to cut the bath bomb is by using a knife, not necessarily a sharp one. Place the knife in the middle of the bath bomb and, using a mallet or rubber hammer, hit the knife’s blunt surface. One hit with the right amount of force is enough to cut it. So, here is a seamless way for those wishing to enjoy bath bombs without having to burn a hole in their pockets. However, after cutting, you require a conducive place to store the other half to prevent it from getting damaged. Cutting the bath bomb requires no specialized skills, techniques, nor sophisticated equipment. 

However, some people may not feel comfortable working their way around with a knife. As a result, they may end up injuring themselves in the process or even damage the bath bomb. Fortunately, there are many ways to killing a rat, and here are other simple procedures to follow to cut your fizzer without using a knife;

This process requires a screwdriver, a hammer, and a Ziploc bag to store the bombs. Nevertheless, regardless of how simple the process seems, keep in mind that bath bombs are delicate products. Thus, you should at all costs avoid exerting too much pressure on them. Also, a flat board might come in handy where you can place the bombs before cutting them. Ensure that your workspace is dry and free from moisture to prevent the bath fizzers from dissolving.

To ensure that the bath bombs are safely stored to increase their shelf-life, you may require more than one Ziploc bag. What makes this process a preferable one is that you can easily find all these tools right at your home. Thus, it eliminates the need to spend much. If you don’t have any Ziploc bags with you, you can easily buy them since they really don’t cost much. Here are the steps for a much safer cutting procedure;

Firstly, ensure that everything you need is assembled close to you and is readily accessible. You can then start by placing a single bath bomb in a Ziploc bag while taking caution not to break or crumble it. Ensure that you keep the bath bomb’s seam facing upwards to get a clearer view. If your bath bomb does not feature a seam or crease, then brace yourself for a much harder cutting process. Another important point to keep in mind is that if you are using a cutting board; ensure that it does not slip. If it does, you can place a moist piece of cloth underneath to prevent it from moving. 

You can then take the flat-head screwdriver and place it in the seam (or at the center for creaseless bath bombs), and tap slowly using your hammer or mallet. Precautions should be put in place to ensure that the bath bomb does not move from its position or result in the screwdriver slipping. You can avoid all this by having someone else hold it in place for you. The cutting procedure for bath bombs without a seam is not so much different from the process above. The only difference is that you need to tap the screwdriver gently with a hammer so that it can break off in half.

What to do with the other half?

Upon breaking the bath bomb into two, you can use the first half for your bath and store the other one. It is recommended to use a Ziploc or plastic bag, which enables you to entirely get rid of any present air. This will see to it that the remaining block stays for much longer without expiring (yes, bath bombs do expire). Lastly, it is required that you tie a knot above the half bath bomb in the Ziploc bag and store it away in an air-tight container. If you have more halves to store, it is best to have several Ziploc bags for each one of them. Do not attempt to store two halves in one bag.

Can you use expired bath bombs?

How Many Times Can You Use A Bath Bomb?

The short answer is that yes, it is very okay and even safe to use an expired bath bomb. However, you are sure to find disappointment if you are looking for the fizz and aroma. Moreover, there is a high possibility for expired bath bombs to crumble and dissolve without causing any substantial reaction. Also, understand there will be no color change in your bath either. Similarly, smell, texture, and effectiveness may be less operative after the expiration date, but this cannot cause any harm to your skin.

However, some bath bombs contain ingredients that can be harmful or even toxic after surpassing their expiry date. Such products are risky to use and may cause irritation or other bodily harm, especially if they enter into your body system. 

Compared to home-made bath bombs, the case may be even worse in the subject of store-bought products. This is largely because they may contain unknown compounds such as chemicals, ingredients, or additives. 

Although the risks to using expired or old bath bombs are uncertain, you should avoid doing so; moreover, there are numerous other ways to ensure that your hard-earned money isn’t washed down the drain. One typical way to do so is by using them as decorative pieces even after their expiry date. You can put expired bath bombs in a basket or tray as bathroom d├ęcor. You only have to ensure that no one else uses them.

 Even for ornamentation, expired bath bombs are likely to lose out on their scent, texture, and scent. The fact that bath bombs may not give off any scent after expiry makes it best to discard them if they’re quite old.

Should you use bath bombs every day?

 As luxurious, relaxing, rejuvenating, and soothing as they are, bath bombs have found a liking in everyone’s bath routine. As a result, it comes as no wonder of having people who want to use them on a daily basis. This may raise eyebrows whether it is safe to do so without considering the cost factor since they are quite expensive.

A short answer to such a question is that it depends on the product you are using. Although most bath fizzers feature basic ingredients like essential oils, dye, and salts, some may contain specific extracts specific to each company. Another concern is whether the bubbly reaction caused by citric acid and sodium bicarbonate is good for one’s health. Although bath bombs make your skin feel softer and smoother, they may also contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that may cause skin irritation or lead to the development of rashes.

Furthermore, notable bath bomb manufacturers such as Lush cosmetics advise against the use of their products on a daily basis. This is because even if they do not react negatively with your skin, they may cause other reactions, which can disrupt the pH in the female vagina and make it feel itchy. Suppose you are among those who experience such reactions after bathing with a bath fizzer. In that case, it is advisable to stop using them immediately and consult a physician or dermatologist about the possibility of allergies.

Nonetheless, if you must use this product but have sensitive skin, you try out natural bath bombs only without harsh chemicals. Such bath bombs consist of natural ingredients only, which are beneficial to one’s skin.

Note: Bath bombs aren’t specifically designed for use in bathtubs only. If you were wondering whether you can shower with one, yes, you can. Showering is another alternative use of bath bombs anytime you feel like it. However, the procedure is quite different from when using a bathtub. Here, you should cut off a small piece of your favorite fizzer and rub it on your body like soap. 

Remember to have the shower turned on and the water warm. This will enable you to transform an ordinary boring shower into a stimulating experience that smells good. You will also get to benefit from smooth, soft skin. When warm water drops from the showerhead, it turns an ordinary shower version into a fizzy explosion of scent.

Indeed, bath bombs are the absolute way to relax after a long day of bustling in the ever-demanding world. The explosion of color and smell cannot be compared to anything else in your bathroom. With the above information on how you can get the most out of your bath fizzer, the only challenging decision remaining for you is deciding the scent you’d wish to try next. Good luck with that.

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