How to Use a Bath Bomb? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
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How to Use a Bath Bomb? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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Taking a bath and cleansing your skin has never been an extravagant experience for some, but with the use of bath bombs, your shower and bathing session could even last to unexpected durations. Bath bombs have been around for several years now, and most of them are already being diversified to provide its users an unforgettable experience. 

Using bath bombs is relatively easy. Just fill your bathtub with warm water; the warmer, the better, but of course, consider that you can take the heat. Then the next step is just to drop your chosen bath bomb. Also, consider wrapping your bath bomb with a cloth to prevent any debris issues for your bathtub in the future.

If you haven’t heard about bath bombs before or perhaps have been wondering what’s the fuss all about using this lush product, let us give you a little bit of insight into what they are and why it is a big deal for some people. Stick around as we will also provide you with some general guides and tips in experiencing how to use and properly utilize your chosen bath bomb to the fullest.

How to Use a Bath Bomb? – Step by Step

If you are someone who would want to try and test the benefits of using a bath bomb in his/her day-to-day bathing routine or weekly, as some bath bombs are also pricey, we will be providing you with a brief but informative step by step process in using these kinds of products. As there might be some other guides out there on using bath bombs, the following steps would mainly just vary on some specific factors. 

1. Picking Your Bath Bomb

In using bath bombs, initially, you would want to choose first the type and quality of your preferred product. This mainly gives you an insight into how you would want to proceed in using or utilizing your chosen lush product. There are many different variations and diverse combinations of components that compose some of the bath bombs in the market, and others also come with some additives or debris.

Some of the mentioned additives consist of essential oils, salts, and there are also petals and other types of materials that provide several benefits like relaxing and calming the body. Perhaps there are bath bombs that you would want to try for your irregular sleeping patterns or after a long day at work. Whatever they may be, there is a bath bomb specially made for these kinds of issues and situations.

2. Cut it

Now, this is completely subjective or depends on you. There are some that would prefer to cut their bath bombs into two or even several pieces to have them saved for the next bathing sessions. This is actually worth considering as there are bath bombs that can be really expensive depending on their compositions. 

But just keep in mind that when doing so, the remaining half needs to be kept in a dry place and have it wrapped in plastic to avoid any moist accumulation. Another option is to keep it in an air-tight container with the same intent as wrapping it in plastic. Just avoid having it in contact with any moisture or water as there are bath bombs that start to fizz even with the smallest amount of water accumulation.

3. Wrap It Up

Once you have already decided on the type of bath bomb you wanted to try out, you might want to have it wrapped in a cloth. Now the reason for this is mainly to prevent any damage to your bathtub. As there are several instances that bath bombs are one of the major causes of why the jetting or any other tubing have been unusable due to cloggings. Some of the additives that come with several bath bombs may cause some issues such as staining, salt accumulation, and, as mentioned before, cloggings on the pipelines.

To avoid these from happening, you can wrap a cloth or any similar material to your bath bomb to prevent the debris or any small additives that might cause problems on the bathtub itself. You would not want to enjoy your bathing experience for a day or two, then all of a sudden, you can’t properly drain the water on your bathtub, or the jets are not working anymore. 

Also, one of the most common issues that individuals are having when it comes to using bath bombs are the staining on the tub. This makes the choosing process somewhat critical or important. Depending on your choice, you might have a bath bomb that contains a large amount of dyeing agent mixed with some oily compounds, making it really hard to remove on the bathtub. You might want to keep this in mind.

4. Add Some Water First

Of course, this would be something that is usually a given. But to be more precise and specific in this step, you would want to make it as warm as possible, as this is usually the best way to dissolve bath bombs, though within the level that is comfortable for you. You would not want to dissolve your bath bomb in the bathtub and stare at it for several minutes because you can’t tolerate or get in the water to enjoy the experience yourself. 

You also want to keep the actual level or volume of the water on your bathtub moderated so that when you get in, it would not spill all over and waste some of the dissolved goodness of your chosen bath bomb. Usually, they tend to bubble and fizz, which is actually really fun to watch, allowing the mixture of the essential oils, salts, and other additives to disperse into the water. 

5. Get in! 

This is the moment you have been waiting for, to fully enjoy the experience of taking a bath with your chosen bath bomb. Ideally, you would want to wait for the fizzing to finish to just dive right in while it’s dissolving and doing its thing, either of which is completely fine. The most important thing to remember is to savor and enjoy the moment. This is something that you would not want to rush, so you need to have it planned and take it slow. 

Also, there are some cases that some individuals tend to make it a little more special by setting the mood of the bathing area. You would imagine having several lit candles near the platform of your bathtub, and perhaps, coffee or tea partnered with your favorite book that you have been reading or wanting to read for quite some time now, but you are just waiting for that perfect moment. Well, there wouldn’t be any better time to fully enjoy an exquisite bathing session with a mix of delicate fragrances around you. 

6. Shower or Not?

It could lead to a debate, but let’s keep things simple and, of course, based on each other’s judgment. Taking a shower after a bath bomb could be the best exit scenario for others. But also, there are some that would just want to soak their body in the bath and, after the session, would directly proceed in drying themselves without having to think of rinsing any of the residues. Either of which is completely fine. There’s nothing wrong with these choices.

But this would be something that you can actually decide on your own, as it mainly falls on personal preference. Based on several instances, there are some that would prefer to take a shower as a finishing step in taking a bath bomb to remove any residues or debris from the skin. Though it is somewhat practical if you have your products without containing strong dyeing agents, oily compounds, and some debris such as glitters, the reason being, it is sometimes hard to remove from the body.

7. Clean the Aftermath

Of course, you would not want to have your precious bathtub being stained or accumulating huge amounts of oily residues after your luscious experience. This is oftentimes the most neglected part after every bath bomb session. It would be best to keep your bathtub clean as much as possible to prevent any issues on the pipelines, linings, and even jets if you are using a jetted bathtub.

In cleaning your bathtub effectively, you can fill it up with warm water and a mixture of dishwashing soap to remove any excess or residues of the additives that come along with the bath bomb you used. We do recommend having it cleaned after every bath bomb session to avoid any dirt build-up or make a strict schedule of having it thoroughly cleaned at least once a week to ensure your bathing space is clean and comfortable when you use it.

Do You Take Bath Bombs Out of Plastic?

How to Use a Bath Bomb? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Bath bombs come in different types of packaging, you might see some only having plastics wrapped around the bath bomb itself, and there are some that are well packed, usually come in boxes and beautiful decorations. Nonetheless, it is generally being presented in different manners to attract and specify the brand of the product.

The packaging of some of the available bath bombs on the market usually comes with a plastic wrapper around the actual product itself. Ideally, if you are about to use the bath bomb, you would really want to remove the plastic as it doesn’t dissolve. It also prevents the bath bomb from properly diffusing on the water. Though you can try and attempt to have dropped on the warm water and wait as it slowly dissolves in the water with more than the necessary amount of time than just having to remove the plastic. 

In a short and brief answer, yes, please, kindly remove the plastic for you to be able to fully experience the effects and benefits of using a bath bomb with no restraints and limitations of its actual usage.

Do You Put a Bath Bomb In Before or After?

In using bath bombs, you generally want to have them put and dissolved in the water before you get in. This allows the bath bomb to properly diffuse in the water and spread the mixed contents with it in the bathtub. But if you prefer to have it dissolved while you are already in the bathtub, that is completely fine. That way, you can actually feel and have a more dynamic view of the dissolving bath bomb in the water.

There’s no harm or negative factor that may happen if you are in the water while the fizzing happens. Using it before or after mainly depends on your own preference, and there’s no wrong way to do it in this case.

Do You Shower After a Bath Bomb?

If you are using a type of bath bomb that does not have any strong dye mixture or strong oily substances, or maybe glitters, though you really would not want to consider getting those kinds of bath bombs as the debris are really hard to remove from the skin, you don’t necessarily have to take a shower after a bath bomb. 

Now, as we have mentioned, there are several mixtures of compositions of some of the bath bombs. Some would usually include strong dye mixtures and oil-based components. Not only do you want to have the dye or color completely removed from your body by taking a shower, but this would also cause staining on your towel, clothes, and even the bathtub itself. 

Some contain strong oily substances that would generally make you feel uncomfortable after taking a bath, though there are some that only have just the right amount of oils, such as essential oils that you can actually tolerate. But if you have those types that make you feel greasy after every bathing session, we recommend taking a shower to wash it off of your body.

You also might want to thoroughly check your bathtub after your every bath bomb experience. Consider cleaning any oily residues and any staining on the sides to prevent any accumulation of dirt and bacterias. You would not want to have some grimes and a bacteria-filled bathtub at the end of the week. 

How Many Times Can You Use a Bath Bomb?

If you’re wondering if there’s a way to reuse or even save your precious bath bombs, then we can have a couple of things to discuss. Originally, bath bombs are intended for single use. But others tend to cut them into two so that they can still use the other half after a couple of days. This is a good practice if you don’t want to spend too much on purchasing several bath bombs every month. 

Now, if you are thinking of dipping the bath bomb in the water for a few mins then picking it up and whipping it to have it used the following session, we don’t really advise this as the effectiveness of each use will not be the same as before. But if you plan on doing this, it will still provide you with the same benefits; just have it placed on a dry container for its next use.

How to Use a Bath Bomb in the Shower

Even if you don’t have a bathtub, you can still have that great experience in using bath bombs, and you just have to be creative about it. You can have it placed on an organza bag or any type of bag with similar material and tie it to the showerhead. This method lets you experience the release of the fragrance when you turn your shower on, and the water runs through the bath bomb.

Another method is placing the bath bomb on the floor of your shower area. This still gives you the fragrance released by the bath bomb when it comes into contact with the running water. Though it is really not an ideal choice, you can still appreciate that wonderful smell and feel great even without a bathtub.

How to Use Bath Bombs Without Bathtub

There are several ways that you can still have that luscious experience even though you don’t have a bathtub in your home. We will be providing you with some creative ways to use them. As we have already discussed some ways where you can enjoy using bath bombs in the shower, there are some other methods that we would like to share for you to try.

Foot Soak or Massage

Though it might be ideal to use bath bombs for the entire body, you can also use them to pamper your feet and for your foot massage. By preparing a bucket or basin or any similar container, fill it with warm water, just enough that you can tolerate and place your bath bomb of choice. You can just use a portion or half as you are only using it on a small container. 

Once the fizzing is finished, or even if it’s still in the process of dissolving in the water, you can soak your feet in the basin for about 15 to 20 minutes or even more, depending on your preference. You can also scrub and massage your feet and toes to relax the stiff muscles on your soles.  If you are using a bath bomb in this method, your usual foot massage will be unforgettable. 

The Traditional Way

In case you haven’t heard about the traditional way of taking a bath, this is mainly just by using a bucket or basin of water. But in this case, you will be using an exclusive method with the use of bath bombs. Once the bath bomb has been completely dissolved in the water, ideally, just half of it is already enough for this method, you can now scoop and pour the aromatic scent of water on your body.

Even the simplest bathing process can be changed to something extraordinary in using bath bombs. It is still highly recommended to have it dissolved in warm water that you can tolerate. You would not want to cause some major scalding in your skin.

Can You Use a Bath Bomb As Soap?

How to Use a Bath Bomb? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

It is understandable that some would actually prefer using bath bombs instead of soaps after they have experienced the memorable sensation they are getting when taking a bath using these types of products. But kindly keep in mind that though it is really tempting to use bath bombs for your daily bath and shower, there will always be some things that you need to consider before buying several bath bombs of your choice.

Now, if by any means, that you probably don’t have any soap at your disposal and wanted to use bath bombs as an alternative or substitute. Yes, actually, you can use it as a substitute, but it would mainly depend on the type of bath bomb that you have or chose. If you can still recall the types of bath bombs that we have discussed, then you would have an idea of why the type is a major factor.

By using a bath bomb as a substitute for your soap, you would ideally want to choose those types without having any strong dye mixtures. You don’t want to have any staining on your towels after taking a bath or shower. Another thing would be avoiding bath bombs with excessive oily compounds, as they tend to be really hard to remove if you don’t use an actual soap.

Should You Rinse Off After a Bath Bomb?

What we are about to discuss is another subject that would mainly depend on different factors. It is also something that can be based on different types of opinions, so you don’t have to depend on our statements about rinsing or taking a shower after a bath bomb. With the diverse varieties of bath bombs out there, you will come across types that you would ideally want to rinse off after the bath.

The number one indicator that you need to be aware of or look at is the residues or materials used as additives on the bath bomb. There are some that include dyes, oily compounds, and other debris that is intentionally mixed with the product. Even though you feel great after taking a bath, this is not entirely the same case after you have already dried yourself. 

If the mentioned additives include strong dyes and high amounts of oil-based components, you generally would want to take a shower or rinse off any residues you have on your body as well as on your bathtub. Taking a quick shower, with or without the use of soap, would be a huge help in washing away any residues and debris in your skin that can make you feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

Now, to tackle the example of not choosing or wanting to take a shower and rinse off after a bath bomb. If your chosen type of bath bomb contains minimal dyeing agent, oily compounds, and no debris included, such as glitters, which are really hard to remove from the skin, you can then skip the shower if you want to. 

Also, as we have talked about the involved additives in different types of bath bombs several times already, there are some that contain substances that may be more beneficial for your body and skin if you choose to have them linger even after your bathing session. Some of these ingredients would often include Epsom salts, essential oils, and other plant-based materials that are mainly considered as antioxidants.

At the end of the day, it would still mainly depend on your choice if you want to rinse off any types of residues after taking a bath bomb or not. There have been no reports that bath bombs are harmful to the body, except, of course, some issues that involve allergies and irritation if the product is not properly used. As long as you are enjoying your experiences in a relaxing and calming manner, you can never go wrong with these choices.

How Often Should You Use Bath Bombs?

As much as we want to advise you on giving it a daily session, it would be very impractical and, not to mention, costly. Bath bombs have been widely used for several years now, and most individuals who choose to try and experience this type of sensation while bathing has had a hard time keeping themselves from not using the product. 

Though some would prefer to use bath bombs more often than you could imagine, there might be times wherein your body will feel a little different. It may lead to skin irritations, allergies, and it can also develop into a form of skin complication. Perhaps it would be best if you don’t practice or even try to use bath bombs on a regular basis, besides that it’s not really a major aid in the skin as it could also be more harmful than what you expected.

Now, you might think that all of these are making a negative image for your precious bath bombs. But like most other people, it would still mainly depend on you. Either you use it on a regular basis, be it a daily routine, once a week, or perhaps, once a month,

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