Is It Bad to Shower with a Candle On?

Is It Bad to Shower with a Candle On?

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Scented candles can be an effective stratagem to create ambiance in the bathroom. Scents like sandalwood, jasmine, and lavender can be refreshing and relaxing. Besides, the aroma and warm glow of cinnamon, gingerbread, or pine can make the bathrooms appear gorgeous during festivals. This article will discuss why people shower with a candle on and its drawbacks.

It is unhealthy to shower with a candle on since it can result in lung and heart problems. That is because of the VOCs from the candle. Besides, some VOCs such as benzene and formaldehyde can also cause cancer. 

Volatile Organic Compounds can turn into the gas state even at moderate temperatures. Thus, it would be best to limit the amount of candle smoke you breathe in when in the bathroom. In any case, you must ensure that the room has a good ventilation system. 

Why Is It Bad to Shower with a Candle On?

Most mass-produced candles harm the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). The scent from the fragrance, wick, and wax possibly contains harmful chemicals. As much as you may be enjoying the aroma, it might hurt your health over time. Here are the deadly components:

1. Paraffin Wax

Candles often contain petroleum by-products such as paraffin. The procedure to manufacture paraffin involves bleaching petroleum chemically, deodorizing it, and cooling it into the wax. Whenever you burn paraffin, it releases VOCs into the air. Hence, it can result in health problems such as skin disease, asthma attacks, and allergies. 

2. Chemical Fragrances

It would be best if you acknowledged that bathroom scented candles also use chemicals to create the aroma. They contain dyes and synthetic fragrances that can emit Volatile Organic Compounds even at room temperature. 

The common VOCs that candles emit to create the scent include esters, alcohol, limonene, petroleum distillates, and formaldehyde. These VOCs can cause health problems like cancer, respiratory tract infections, asthma attacks, dizziness, and headaches. 

3. Cored Wicks

Most candles feature cored wicks that comprise cotton on a metal support. This feature helps to safeguard the wick from falling into the wax. The design is crucial for most scented candles since the fragrance oils often soften the wax, forcing the non-cored wicks to burn out. 

Research indicates that most imported candles use lead cored wicks. Yet, the United States Product Safety Commission published a ban on the sale and manufacture of such candles in 2003. Hence, candle manufacturers use tin and Zinc nowadays. 

Generally speaking, the metal-cored candle wicks release heavy metals into the atmosphere. Using candles in the bathroom can expose you to risks since even the tin and zinc-cored candles contain substantial lead particles. 

Why Is It A Good Idea to Have A Candle on While Showering?

If you decorate the bathroom, it can create a relaxing and beautiful point to soothe your mind. Setting up the apt conditions can enable you to enjoy a stress-free and calming environment in the bathroom. 

In any case, lighting a candle while showering can make the bathtub more attractive. Here are the top reasons to light a candle in the shower:

Light Is Symbolic

Apart from the fragrance that it usually creates, the candles’ light can be a beauty symbol. The candle-burning view is attractively silent, lovely, and slow. It produces a soft glow to create a solemn and respectful mood. 

Candlelight is an eternal spirit symbol according to some religious perspectives. This statement explains why most people light candles during Christmas festivals. It symbolizes the birth of Christ, and even non-Christians light the candle to showcase the festival mood. 

Lighting candles on certain occasions is a stratagem to attain the apt mindset. Apart from lighting candles in the bathroom, light in other rooms can make you feel safer. As per my opinion, it enables me to reason out persuasively without disturbances. 

Source of Ambient Light

Most lighting systems are somewhat too bright and considerably harsh for the bathrooms. Well, LED and incandescent lighting can be helpful for shaving and wearing makeup. But if you want to create a calm atmosphere in the room, you should consider substituting it with candlelight. 

Scented candles can be a reliable trick to produce a warm and soft glow for creating a calm atmosphere in the bathroom. They make moderate light for clear visibility but do not get harsh to your eyes. They can be suitable for late evening showers. 

Generally, light performs a vital role in the human mind and body relaxation. Bathing in a candlelit room can be a great source of nourishment before sleeping. The disadvantage of using bright light in a shower in the evening is that it can affect the body’s internal clock. 

The body has tissues that often produce more energy when exposed to exceedingly bright light. Hence, the energy production process can hamper relaxations. I prefer using the candlelight any time I’d like to get a sound rest relaxation. 

Affordable Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is typically different from other rooms in the home. Visitors get into the bathroom frequently, which is why you must create a decent outlook. Scented candles can be an affordable improvement product for decorating your bathtub. 

Yet, you must ensure that you choose sculpted candles that can match your bathroom theme. There are several candle options to consider, including classical, fruit, and shell figurines. Using colorful and shiny black cups can boost the final appearance. 

Vivid color candles can be appropriate for bathtubs without a specific theme. It would be best to be artistic enough when fixing the candles in the bathroom. Thus, you can install candles with unique designs in strategic parts to add the elegance you need. 

Best Smelling Candles for Your Bathroom

Premium Rose and Sandalwood Scented Candles 

The Premium Rose and Sandalwood Scented Candles feature a strong scent to give you a luxurious treat. It combines powerful floral notes of mandarin, geranium, blossom, peony, and rose. The aroma also features bountiful woody notes of musk, amber, and sandalwood to create a therapeutic scent. 

It is suitable for producing a sophisticated and classy fragrance. On the other hand, the rose scent brings harmony and balance, while the sandalwood soothes and relaxes the mind. Other unique and beneficial features about this candle include:

• It is elegant enough and suitable for festival gifts.

• The candle features natural scents that make it non-toxic. 

• It is apt for removing odors, aromatherapy, meditation, and controlling insomnia.

LA BELLEFÉE Scented Candles

The LA BELLEFÉE Scented Candles feature three fragrance scents, including jasmine, vanilla, and rose. They are eco-friendly since they contain 100% natural soy wax. Thus, the candles do not generate acrid smoke that could pollute the environment. 

They are votive smokeless bathroom candles that can be a great gift idea on holidays, anniversaries, Christmas, and birthdays. The best part of it all is that it features 11 hours of burning time, which means it offers great value. 

Aku Tonpa Flameless Bathroom Candles

Aku Tonpa Flameless Candles describes LED candles featuring the flame simulation tech that makes them flicker and sway realistically. The source of the light is LED and not a real fire. Hence, the candle is suitable for use around pets and kids. 

It also comes with a remote for flexibility. The remote control has a 10-key time for either 8 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours, and 2 hours. The best part is that its batteries will last up to 200 hours. Generally speaking, the candle is ideal for weddings, holidays, parties, bars, home decorations, Christmas, and birthdays. 

Furora Flameless Candles

The Furora Flameless Candles features both the timer function and remote-control options to boost usability. The votive LED candles also come with an ON|OFF slide switch. It will give you the real candle experience without the risks of a real fire. It creates a romantic atmosphere with a warm ambient. 

These candles can also be a perfect decoration stratagem for events such as Christmas and parties. Well, it is safe around pets, kids, windows, and bookshelves. Above all, the candles have passed relevant tests to ascertain that they are safe for your health. 

Generally speaking, lighting a scented candle in the shower can be a thrilling practice. It can create space for you to meditate and rest the body. However, it would be best to ensure that you install eco-friendly bathroom candles. 

Most bathroom candles available on the market contain chemical compounds that can cause health problems. You must understand that the bathroom features a small space where the chemicals could become highly concentrated. 

In a case where you would love to use the candles, make sure that you keep the room well ventilated. This factor is crucial, especially for people who light the candles for religious beliefs. They often burn the candles in the shower more frequently.

All in all, you should read and understand the manual before purchasing bathroom candles. Thus, you ought to opt for candles that are more natural and are free of chemical content. Also, ensure that you do not purchase candles that can expose you to deadly metals like lead.