What is the Purpose of Bath Bombs? Read Before Using Them
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What is the Purpose of Bath Bombs? Read Before Using Them

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Have you ever come across palm-sized spheres that fizzle and dissolve rapidly when dropped in bathwater in your friend’s or family’s house, and wondered what they are? If yes, then you need not worry too much about it, as they are called Bath Bombs. Speaking of them, they are sweet-smelling spherical soaps that have been around for a very long time.

Certainly, you’ll agree with us that Bath Bombs are designed for bathing. But here’s a burning question; of what other purpose are these palm-sized spheres?

Apart from acting as soaps for cleansing the body, bath bombs are also designed for many other purposes. First, they are fun to use and designed to create a great experience. Additionally, they also add emollients and softeners to bathwater – these are ingredients that help to moisturize, pamper, and soothe the skin.

As earlier mentioned, Bath Bombs have been around for a while – to be precise, the palm-sized spherical products were first introduced in 1989. Ever since that time, these amazing soaps have grown massively, becoming very popular across some parts of the world, especially among young female adults. Furthermore, one key feature of Bath Bombs, which helps to attract young adults, is the bubbly, vibrant, and sweet-smelling scent that comes with them.

But here’s a question, do Bath Bombs offer other benefits apart from the ones mentioned so far? In the rest of this post, we’ll be sharing with you, everything that you need to know about Bath Bombs. These will include their purpose, benefits, what they include, and tips on how you can create homemade Bath Bombs. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Is The Purpose Of Bath Bombs?

First, it’s worth noting that all bath bombs aren’t created for the same purpose. The truth is they are designed to fit the different kinds of baths. In case you don’t know, there are generally two different kinds of baths.

First, there’s a functional type, which involves rushing a shower or using bathwater and using soaps, to remove dirt. Of course, there are some types of bath bombs that work only for this purpose. The only things that differentiate them from the usual bathing soap are the coloring, foaming, and scenting that they add to the bathwater.

 The second type is luxurious and involves soaking in water for therapeutic purposes. Speaking of this, it’s extremely beneficial and offers great experiences. This is exactly what other types of bath bombs do. They are beneficial for a whole lot of things, such as helping to relieve your body of stress. They also offer several health benefits, such as treatment of vaginal infections and regulation of skin and vaginal pH.

That’s not all! Bath Bombs are usually made from different ingredients. With the help of these ingredients, they can add emollients and softeners to your bathwater. What does that mean for your body? 

Emollients and softeners help to create barriers on the skin’s surface. The purpose of the barrier is that it helps to protect the surface of the skin, keeping it moisturized and softened.

What Are The Benefits Of Bath Bombs?

What is the Purpose of Bath Bombs? Read Before Using Them

As earlier mentioned, bath bombs are created for a whole lot of purposes. These amazing products, which are made from key ingredients like baking soda, offer tons of benefits to the skin. Although we won’t be mentioning all the benefits in this post, let’s have a quick look at some of the key benefits of using bath bombs, below. 

1- Eliminate stress and uplift your mood

One of the benefits of using bath bombs is they help in eliminating stress. Surely, you’ll agree with us that the hustle & bustle of work often causes stress to the body. So, after going to work for hours and returning home, it’s only normal to freshen up, to get rid of stress.

By making use of bath bombs, you’ll be able to easily calm your mind, eliminate stress, and uplift your mood. Well, all these are possible, all thanks to the fragrance of the soap. There are lots of things that affect human mood. According to Rachel S. Herz, an assistant professor of psychology at Brown University, one of them is “scent”.

Bath bombs are made from several ingredients, including scents. If you opt for bath bombs with better fragrance, you’ll be able to easily uplift your mood and eliminate unnecessary stress.

2- Indulge the skin

Besides helping to cleanse the body and eliminate dirt, bath bombs are also known for their skin moisturizing and pampering effects. 

As we all know, these palm-sized sweet-smelling spherical soaps are made from different ingredients. Ingredients, such as Epsom salts, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and sunflower oil, which are great moisturizers, are some of the known ingredients of bath bombs. 

That said, bath bombs add emollients and softeners to your bathwater. The benefit of that is it helps to indulge and pamper the skin, by keeping it moisturized.

3- Bath bombs are natural

One bad thing about commercial soaps is that they are often made from antibacterial ingredients. Although the purpose of these added substances is to kill bacteria and viruses, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), not too long ago, found that they may not be effective in eliminating germs like natural soaps.

Bath bombs are made from essential oils and other ingredients that do not contain artificial substances. With that, it means they are natural and very effective for your body. Also, since they are natural, they don’t cause skin irritation and rashes – so far you opt for one with non-makeup ingredients.

4- Bath bombs are effective for creating an atmosphere of luxury 

Another reason why using bath bombs is worthwhile is because they are very effective for creating an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. What does that mean? Bath bombs are designed to create a great experience.

As soon as you drop the bomb inside your bathwater, it immediately fizzles, evolving lovely scents. This helps to uplift your mood and create an atmosphere of luxury for you.

5- Health benefits

Bath bombs also offer lots of health benefits, especially to young female adults. For instance, these palm-sized spherical products can help to treat urinary tract, vaginal, and yeast infections. Well, this is possible, all thanks to the presence of an ingredient, called baking soda in the bath bomb.

That’s not all! Other health functions of Baking soda include helping to regulate skin and vaginal pH, relieve skin rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. Most bath bombs also contain Epsom salts, an ingredient that could help to improve blood flow, blood pressure regulation, and nerve functions.

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that some bath bombs might be very dangerous to human health. For instance, some of the ingredients that create the fizzy effect in bath bombs can be very dangerous. Also, some coloring matters used for formulating your bath bombs can cause you a lot of health issues – especially if you have a cut around your private part.

That said, ensure you avoid products formulated with Boric acid, as they could be a hormone disruptor. Also, avoid products that contain toxic ingredients.

What Are The Ingredients For Bath Bombs

What is the Purpose of Bath Bombs? Read Before Using Them

There are lots of ingredients out there that you can pick to create your homemade bath bombs. The only problem, however, is it can sometimes be very challenging to shop for the right one. Well, you need not worry yourself about this, as we’ll be sharing with you all the natural ingredients.

1- Baking soda

Baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate, is one of the key ingredients that you need for a perfectly formulated bath bomb. In case you don’t know, baking soda is a naturally occurring substance. Furthermore, they are known for a lot of things, including being the binding agent in bath bombs.

Healthwise, baking soda has a lot of benefits to humans. First, it helps in the treatment of yeast infection, as stated earlier. It also helps to regulate the skin, relieving it of rashes.

2- Epsom salts

Another key ingredient of a perfectly formulated bath bomb is Epsom salt. Interestingly, this ingredient has a lot to play in how effective a bath bomb works.

First, Epsom salt is an ideal all-natural moisturizer. Well, this is true because the ingredient doesn’t just stay on the surface of the skin. Instead, it penetrates right into the skin, to the lower part, causing your skin to be soft and moisturized. Furthermore, Epsom salts are also effective for improving blood flow, regulation of blood pressure, and nerve functions.

3- Citric acid

Citric acid is also an effective ingredient when it comes to formulating your bath bomb. Also, the ingredient is a naturally occurring substance, mostly used in the food industry as preservatives. Furthermore, citric acid is very important, as it’s the substance that causes the fizz in bath bombs.

4- Essential oils

Essential oil is very essential when formulating your home-made bath bombs. First, it’s the naturally occurring substance that adds fresh fragrances to your bath bomb. However, there’s more to the ingredient than just that.

Essential oils also offer tons of other benefits to the skin. They help to reduce scars and spots on the skin. That’s possible because the ingredient contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties.

5- Carrier oils

Carrier oil, an essential ingredient for formulating a perfect bath bomb, contains vitamins and antioxidants. The benefit of these properties is that they help to keep the skin healthy all day long. That said, some of the most popular carrier oils that you can use for your bath bomb include almond oil and grapeseed oil.

Other important ingredients for the formulation of your homemade bath bomb include witch hazel, shea butter, and herbs (fresh and dried).

What Causes The Fizz In Bath Bombs?

Have you ever wondered what causes the fizz effect when you drop bath bombs in your bathwater? Earlier on, we mentioned that citric acid is the main ingredient that causes the fizz in bath bombs. While that is so, there’s more to it than just having the ingredient.

The fizz effect often arises as a result of a chemical reaction between the mixture of citric acid & baking soda and water. Here’s how it works; when you drop your bath bomb inside the water, it brings out bubbles. It’s these bubbles that cause the water to fizzle.

How To Formulate Your Perfect Bath Bomb

What is the Purpose of Bath Bombs? Read Before Using Them

Are you wondering how you can go about formulating your bath bomb for effectiveness? If yes, you might have to stop worrying about it, because we’ll be sharing with you our formula.

For you to perfectly formulate your home-made bath bombs, you need to get all the aforementioned ingredients. That said, the most important ingredients, as earlier mentioned, are baking soda and citric acid. The two ingredients are mixed with an approximately 2:1 ratio of baking soda: citric acid.

N.B: Ensure you utilize rubber or latex gloves during the mixing process. The essence of that is to protect your skin from being affected by citric acid. It can cause skin irritation, especially if it isn’t diluted with water.

After thoroughly mixing the two ingredients, then you need to proceed by adding essential oil (about 20 drops), carrier oil, and a little bit of witch hazel to make it stick perfectly together.

Tools for the preparation of your bath bomb

The most important tool during the preparation of your bath bomb is the molds. And speaking of them, they can come in different shapes. Furthermore, apart from the different shapes, it’s also worth noting that there are many different types of molds.

In the case you’re interested in drying your mixture inside the mold, the best type to use is the silicone mold. There is also stainless steel mold, which you can use if you’re looking for perfect round products. You can also make use of plastic molds. The only problem, however, with this type of mold, is that they crack easily.

Other essential tools include hand gloves, metal whisk (prevent clumps formation), and parchment paper (possibly for drying).

How To Store Your Bath Bombs After Production?

First, it’s worth knowing that bath bombs don’t last for a long time. That said, you must understand that the effectiveness of the products depends on a few factors. First, the ingredients used in preparing them. Secondly, the effectiveness also depends on how fresh the products are.

That said, here’s a burning question; how can one best store the products for effectiveness?

Let’s face it! Having too many bath bomb products at a single time may lead to their expiration. To the burning question above, the best way to store your bath bombs is by keeping them in airtight containers or ziplock bags and storing them in a cool, dry place. The purpose of doing that is to prevent “them from losing scents” and “oxidation from occurring”.

How long can you keep your bath bombs before using them?

There is no time frame to when you can start using your bath bombs. However, like we earlier mentioned, these palm-sized soaps can lose their effectiveness very easily. That said, the longer you keep your products, the less effective they become.

Things You Need To Always Keep In Mind About Bath Bombs

Avoid placing your bath bombs on display

Over the years, bath bombs have grown massively, becoming the most preferred for most young female adults across the world. In case you would like to go into the business, it’s safe to say it’s a good decision. However, you must keep some things in mind about them, before starting to sell them.

First, you must know that bath bombs, over time, can become less effective. Although we have mentioned this earlier, we just have to mention it over and over again, so you know how important it is. That said, ensure you always ask and purchase fresh products from your sellers.

That’s not all! There’s a higher chance that these products will oxidize easily when you place them on display. So, ensure you keep them properly in airtight containers and keep them safe in a cool, dry place.

Can you utilize bath bombs if you have sensitive skin?

Do you have sensitive skin and worried about whether or not bath bombs are good for you? If yes, you might have to stop worrying about that.

As earlier mentioned, perfectly formulated bath bombs are made from mild and naturally occurring ingredients. As such, you can rest assured that your skin won’t be affected while using these amazing products. However, before going ahead and buying the products, ensure you opt for the right one. A perfectly formulated bath bomb should only contain naturally-occurring substances like the ones listed above. Avoid buying products that contain boric acids or any other toxic or artificial ingredients.

What effects do bath bombs have on hair?

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that bath bombs don’t have side effects on hair. As such, in case you’re worried about that, you need to erase the worries. Although bath bombs are primarily made to improve the skin, they contain surfactants, though in little quantities, and they are very effective for washing your hair.

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