What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs?
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What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs

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There is no bad feeling, such as having a failed bath bomb. Since it is a sensitive art, no matter how much effort you put in, anything wrong is bound to happen, especially if you are a newbie. Nevertheless, considering that the ingredients are still the same, the bath fizzer’s reaction with water will still offer the exuberating you wish for. Thus, you are guaranteed the same exulting bath even with a failed bath bomb.

When your bath bombs fail, you do not need to throw them away. You can choose to rebuild them or use them in their powdered state if it is extremely destroyed.  You will still experience the same even if you use them in a powdered state. If it is not completely failed, fill in the cracks and use it.

Also, I think you agree with the fact that bath bombs can be used for numerous other tasks besides bathing. In fact, those who fancy bath bombs a great deal may not want to use them in the bathtub only. They may want to use them everywhere. So, regardless of whether your bath bomb can be used again or is beyond repair, there are many ways you can use it to avoid letting them waste away. Here they are.

What to do with failed bath bombs?

What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs?

1. Use as it is

It comes as no shock to hear that one can use a bath bomb even when it is damaged. However, there are some crucial steps to follow and adhere to in order to achieve the same exhilarating experience that you are seeking. Firstly, you have to crush the bath bomb and place the crushed pieces in an airtight container or Ziploc bag. Afterward, if the powder has already attracted some moisture, you are advised to let it dry totally.

Once it dries, you can then spill the powder inside your bathtub filled with water. Alternatively, you may knot the powder inside a soft nylon cloth before dipping it into the water. The latter is a much better option and is highly recommended. Since this also acts as a bath bomb, you can enjoy the same kind of fizzy fun.

2. Remold

One way of remodeling a failed bath bomb is by destroying it completely and turning it into a fine powder. Once you achieve this, you can then follow the same process and steps you normally would take when making the bath bombs from scratch. And, of course, you will be required to add some wet ingredients again to hold the shower bomb together. This may include coconut oil or essential oil. Besides, you may be required to gradually add the essential/coconut oil to the bath bomb powder while stirring in such cases. 

Also, remember to take caution not to stop stirring since it may ruin the whole procedure again. Typically, failure to stir continuously will make the citric acid present in the bath bomb react and mix with the wet ingredients, thus ruining the mixture. Afterward, you can put the solution in the mold you are using to achieve the required shape.

Alternatively, if you think that your bath bomb isn’t damaged, you can move on to the technique below, which includes filling in the cracks.

3. Fill in the cracks

If you have a bath bomb that is not completely damaged, you can make good use of it by employing the fill-in-the-crack technique. Essentially, this procedure involves making a little more dough for the bath fizzer. Subsequently, use the created dough to fill the creases, thus making your bath bomb complete again. Since this technique requires no perfect handling, the odds are unlikely that you will ruin the bath bomb even more. Thus, this method is recommended for beginners and seasoned users of bath bombs.

4. Use it as a car air freshener

Using failed bath bombs as an air freshener in your car is great. All you have to do is place them under your seat and wait to enjoy the fresh smell all the time.

5. Freshen your clothes

Isn’t it great how one can make use of bath bombs besides bathing with them? Especially the failed ones? To freshen up your clothes, simply place a few bath bombs in your closet, underwear drawer, and sock drawer to achieve a divine smell for your clothes.

6. Instant house aromatherapy

As simple as it may appear, this technique requires a little more creativity than the ones mentioned above. To achieve better results, put the bath fizzer pieces in a pot of water and let it simmer on the stove. Trust me, you will realize, and of course, appreciate the pleasant aroma-filled house. Don’t forget to reduce the heat so that the water is no longer boiling but still steaming. The lovely scented vapor will scent your entire house.

7. Footbath 

This one is a little too easy. You only have to place the bath bomb pieces or half-sized bath bomb in a bucket or foot soak and let the oils moisturize your feet gently.

8. Shoe deodorant

This is a little too simple. Just place some pieces of a failed bath bomb on each shoe, and enjoy the fashionable smell on your shoes. Don’t forget to remove the pieces whenever you wish to wear your shoes.

9. Air and fabric freshener

Let the bath bomb dissolve in a glass of water before putting the water in the sprayer bottle, and pour it into the water! 

10. Shower bomb!

Just put a bathtub bomb or half of the bathtub bomb in the shower. Once the water touches it, it will dissolve and give out those wonderful scents for immediate aromatherapy!

11. Use them on your carpet

Are you worried about wasting the bath bombs even if they fail? Worry not; it can be such a pity to see all the effort and money invested in making them get washed down the drain. However, there are more than enough ways to reuse failed bath bombs. This includes using them to make your floor and carpet smell nice. To do this, crush and lightly sprinkle uncolored bath bombs on the floor before you start vacuuming to scent the rugs and carpet. 

Why do bath bombs fail?

What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs?

There are several reasons that can explain why bath bombs even fail. They include:

  • Not adhering to the recipe
  • Not dried properly
  • Atmosphere
  • The inaccurate ratio of dense to light ingredients

How to prevent your bath bomb from failing?

You should develop an appropriate process in advance and provide enough detailed information at every point. This step also involves making sure you use the beaker as a measuring tool to calculate the composition.

The aroma of the bath bomb may also dissipate, especially if the bath bomb has been badly damaged, so you may need to replenish it so that the second attempt is better than the previous one.

The bath bomb is a pleasant spa foam with one serving size. The dry spherical bomb entered the bathtub and immediately spewed out fizzy foam, reminiscent of the volcano performance at the first-level science fair. 

However, the bath bomb is more wonderful because it exudes fragrance and herbal beauty, bringing ordinary baths into the realm of healing pleasure. However, even with their soothing and wonderful fragrance, mastering the technique required to make the perfect home-made bath bombs isn’t a walk in the park.

I thought the bath bomb would be my failure. For several years, I have been trying to give them as gifts. I was a mess from start to finish, not a gifted bomb. I have tried changing the formula, replacing water with witch hazel, replacing Epsom salt with Dead Sea salt, and even omitting essential oils. 

But nothing can really stop my bomb from disappearing prematurely. The good news now is that once the fried bathtub foam is dry, it can be broken down and put in a jar for 

How to make your bath bombs successful?

When the humidity is below 40%, it is the perfect day to make bombs. If your day is very humid and you may have a shower, the salt in the bath bomb may absorb moisture from the air and foam up prematurely. If it rains, this is not a good day.

This bath bomb gets a pink shade from rosehip extract, a water-soluble pigment that is rich in vitamin C and 32 other vitamins and minerals. Rosehip extract has astringent, anti-inflammatory effects, and helps joint and muscle pain. It also improves the elasticity of the skin. Doesn’t this sound suitable for your luxurious bath time?

The color becomes lighter until you start spraying with alcohol. But when it hits the bathtub, you will see pink foam, and it adds all the rosy nutrients to the bathtub.

The essential oils in this formula were chosen for their relaxing anti-inflammatory properties. Cedarwood Atlas (cedarwood Atlas) essential oil can reduce fat, increase relaxation and happiness, while rose geranium and lavender have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and have refreshing effects. The dominant smell is rose.

1. Instructions for using bathtub bomb

For now, this is your ideal opportunity to explain here-figure out how to use a bath bomb! Please follow some guided exercises below to ensure that your bath bomb experience is important.

2. Create a calm atmosphere

There is nothing better than appreciating a bathtub with an ideal feel. Put a few candles on the stage and set up a playlist to relax your mind. Your body will follow soon!

3. Prepare your bathroom bomb

Allow your bathtub to be rinsed with water from the top. Although you may need to absorb H2O from overheated skin, we still recommend that you not do so. High-temperature water will deprive your skin of special oils and make your skin feel dry, which is exactly the opposite of what you need. After considering all the factors, please turn the dial downwards and fill the bathtub with warm water.

4. Pop the bathtub bomb

Although you might like to disperse the bomb in the middle, keeping it intact is ideal. Considering all factors, you need to fully face the impact of the bath bomb! Place your bath ball in the bathtub and watch it split and emit pleasant shadows, sparkling wine, and delicate aromas.

Although most people do good things when they fall into the water, some people may be better off keeping their work under a fixed device. If your bathtub is not in front of you now, please check it.

5. Jumping in the bathtub

Currently, this is the ideal opportunity to get wet skin! Bring a decent book with you into the bathtub, and be ready to get your thoughts until your skin starts to trim.

6. Customize your bathroom

Do you need to organize your experience into the following levels? Don’t hesitate to change your understanding of bath bombs by adding bath oil to ordinary pasty foods. Of course, as of now, the bath bomb has done an amazing job of relaxing the skin, but it does no trick to make your skin more moisturized. Add a few drops of #1 bath oil to your bathtub, then splash, soak, and get wet!

Common challenges when making bath bombs

What To Do With Failed Bath Bombs?

1. Bath bomb sticking together in the stainless-steel bath bomb mold

Sometimes it can be tricky to glue the two halves of the bath bomb together. However, the bath bomb mixture has a tendency to stick to the mold. To help, add 5-10 drops of Cyclomethicone on both sides of the mold and rotate it. Then, pour the mold on a paper towel. This makes it extremely easy to disassemble the mold! To see this technique’s actual effect, check out the “Hidden Color Bath Bomb Mold” tutorial. The texture of the foam is also important. When using stainless steel molds, make the bath bomb mixture to be wetter so that the mixture maintains its shape.

2. How to pack bath bombs

Being delicate structures, the packaging of bath bombs can be a little bit tricky. Popular options include the use of small jars, boxes, and bags. The bath bomb mold and packaging are a good choice because they can completely integrate the mold and packaging. 

If your bath bomb crashes due to the bath bomb’s unfortunate accident, please check the article “Save the bath bomb for Valentine’s Day lover” for cute packaging options. Bath bombs are best stored in a cool and dry place at room temperature. 

Good choices include basements, garages, or cabinets. If you live in a tropical climate, you may need to wrap the plastic wrap with plastic wrap before putting it in a box or bag. The cling film helps protect the foaming agent from excessive moisture. You can also use foam to stuff the silicone packaging box into the packaging. Silica packaging will help absorb excess water. 

Just make sure that people with bubbles do not throw the silica bag into the bathtub! Using a dehumidifier or running the fan above the fan while it is drying can also help.

3. Shelf-life of bath bombs

In general, try to use bathtub foam in about six months. The longer you wait, the more the likelihood that the bath bomb will be exposed to moisture present in the air thus losing some of its foaming ability. Both baking soda and citric acid have a very long shelf life, but citric acid loses its effectiveness. Citric acid will not lose its effectiveness if it is not exposed to the air and stored in an airtight container. 

However, this may not be feasible in most storage situations because the humidity is very suitable for entering the smallest and most confined spaces. 

To be safe, I recommend that you use citric acid within six months of receiving it. There is nothing worse than making a batch of fizzers and finding them unqualified in the fizzing department! Also, remember the expiration date of any grease used in the bath bomb.

Does the bath bomb change the vanilla color from the essential oil?

Bath bombs may change color due to essential oils with high vanilla content, just like cold processing and melting and pouring into soap. In my experience, vanilla’s discoloration in the bath bomb is inconsistent and takes longer to appear. 

For example, in cold soap making, the vanilla discoloration can occur within days or even hours. In bath bombs, vanilla discoloration may not appear until weeks or months. You can add a vanilla color stabilizer, but remember that it may not prevent discoloration. To be safe, you need to use perfume that will not change color. All said, at least you now have a firm knowledge about what you need to do with your failed bath bombs. Sometimes you need to let go as it’s, and sometimes you can remold it to make it better once again because bath bombs can erupt gift items such as rings, and you really don’t need to ruin that feeling of excitement for sure.

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