When Do You Put A Bath Bomb In?
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When Do You Put A Bath Bomb In?

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As an office or remote worker, regardless of what you do, there are surely moments when you go through long and hectic days at work. Since that’s the case, it’s safe to say that “getting a routine activity to help you unwind is very important”. While there are lots of ways to uplift your mood and get rid of stress after work, one effective way to do that is by taking long and calm baths, using bath bombs.

In case you don’t know, bath bombs, which come in different shapes, colors, and scents, add fun and fizzes to your bathwater – this helps to enhance your bath. The products also add emollients and softeners to the bathwater, which helps to moisturize and pamper your skin. But here’s a burning question; when do you put your bath bomb into the bathtub?

Dropping your bath bomb into a full tub is what causes it to dissolve. That said, the best time to drop your bath bomb is when the bathtub is filled with “warm” water. This process helps the bomb to dissolve better and release all its essential ingredients, including emollients and softeners.

Bath bombs are made from several different naturally occurring ingredients. Some of them include baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and cocoa butter. In the rest of this article, we’ll be further sharing with you everything that you need to know about how to make use of your bath bombs for the best results.

When Do You Drop A Bath Bomb: Is It Before Or After You Get In?

As earlier mentioned, the best time to drop your bath bomb inside your tub is when it’s filled with water. But here’s another burning question; should you drop the bath bomb before or after you get inside the bathtub?

Let’s face it! It all depends on what you want – so, I’ll say it’s a matter of preference. You can either choose to drop your bath bomb before or after you get inside your bathtub. According to some people, they do both. “Both” in this context means dropping the bath bomb inside the bathwater and watching it fizzle for a short while. After that, they get inside and watch the rest dissolve.

According to some other people, they prefer dropping the bath bomb inside the bathwater after getting inside the bathtub. Also, a lot of people prefer dropping their bath bomb inside the tub, watching it fizzle and dissolve completely before getting inside the bath. According to these people, they do that mostly because they love to take pictures and make videos, while the bath bomb fizzles and dissolves completely.

A few comments by people regarding what they think about the question

A similar question was posted on Reddit a couple of years back, allowing a lot of people to share their experiences, using bath bombs. Speaking of the question, it says: “Bath bombs: do you put them in the bath before or after getting in yourself?” Let’s have a quick look at some of what bath bomb users said regarding the question, below.

According to a Redditor, called jbooten, the user said: “I do both! I pop it in the bath, watch it for a little bit, then hop in and let it finish.” That’s not all! Another user said: “I add my bombs to a full tub immediately before getting in myself. I like the feeling of the fizz on my skin.”

Furthermore, according to FlightWolf23949, the Reddit user said it depends. The user further added that: 

“If I want to scrub my whole body, I usually take some cold water, scrub, then add a lot of hot water and add a bath bomb. I like to scrub until my whole skin is bright red, otherwise, I don’t feel clean. If I just want to relax and not heavily scrub myself, I usually put the bath bomb in the tub before I get in myself, or I get in while it’s still dissolving.”

Looking at all the comments, you’ll see that everybody has their reasons for choosing one option over the other. One thing is important, ensure you make use of warm water while using the tub. The purpose of that is to help you better dissolve your bath bomb, and make it easy for certain ingredients, such as cocoa butter, to melt easily.

Where Do You Put A Bath Bomb?

When Do You Put A Bath Bomb In?

Are you wondering where you can put your bath bomb if not in use? Well, it’s worth noting that there are about four options when it comes to keeping your bath bombs. As we all know, bath bombs tend to lose their effectiveness if kept for a long while. Apart from that, the products can also lose their scents if not properly stored.

Speaking of the burning question of where to put your bath bombs, you can keep them using the following approaches:

1- Utilize airtight containers

The purpose of keeping your bath bomb in a cool, dry place is to prevent them from oxidizing and losing their scents. That said, you can always put your bath bombs in airtight containers. However, ensure you open up the containers for a short while and seal them back tightly after every opening.

2- Use plastic wraps

Apart from using airtight containers, another material that you can use to store your bath bombs is ‘plastic’ wrap. To use the material, all you need to do is to wrap it tightly around your bath bomb, ensuring there’s no trace of air inside the wrapping. That said, for you to achieve better airtight results, ensure you start wrapping the plastic at the base of the bomb.

Furthermore, ensure you twist the tail of the plastic wrap several times. The purpose of doing that is to seal it and lockout any air. After that, what’s next is to cut off the tail of the plastic wraps and place stickers over the base.

3- Use shrink wraps

Shrink wraps are also effective if you’re planning to store your bath bombs. Here’s how you can use them for better results, below.

First, you need to put your bath bomb into the shrink wrap. After that, ensure you seal it at one end using a heat sealer. Next, get a dryer and heat the bag so it can shrink around the bath bomb.

4- Sealed plastic bags

Just like plastic wraps, you can also make use of sealed plastic bags to store your bath bombs. However, before doing that, ensure you remove all the air in the bag.

How Many Bath Bombs Go In A Bath?

Surely, you’ll agree with us that bath bombs were created for single-use. However, because of many factors, including its scent, emollients, and softeners, people find it very hard to let go of them at once. As such, they try to make use of their bath bombs more than once.

To the question of how many bath bombs can go in a bath, the answer is it depends. For instance, many people drop a single bath bomb inside their bathtub at once. However, some people also make use of more than one bath bomb at once for personal reasons.

One of the reasons for that is because a single bath bomb isn’t always enough to give them the desired smell. Apart from that, people make use of two or more bath bombs at once because they want to experience more fizzes, which a single bomb doesn’t always give them.

How to split your bath bomb

As earlier mentioned, you can also make use of half of a bath bomb at once. To do that, all you need is to perfectly split your bath bomb into two halves. That said, let’s have a quick look at a few simple and straightforward steps to safely split your bath bomb into two, below.

  • Get a Ziplock bag and place the bath bomb right inside it – at the bottom corner.
  • After that, place the bath bomb on your cutting board, and position it on its side. 
  • Almost all bath bombs always come with a seam or crease. You can locate them by checking the middle of the bomb. After locating it, snugly fit the tip of a flat-head screwdriver through the seam point.
  • Next, keep hitting the head of the screwdriver with a hammer. Continue doing that until the bath bomb splits into two.
  • Separately put each half of the bath bomb in a ziplock bag or other storing material and store them in a cool, dry place.

Tips And Tricks For Using Bath Bombs

When Do You Put A Bath Bomb In?

Bath bombs offer a lot of benefits to humans. First, it helps to indulge the body, keeping it healthy and moisturized all time. But here’s a question, how can you utilize bath bombs for effective results?

For you to get the best out of your bath bombs, you certainly need to use them the right way. That said, let’s have a quick look at how you can start utilizing your bath bombs like a lush pro, below.

Use your bath bomb inside the bathtub

1- Set the right atmosphere & enhance your mood

For you to get the best results out of your bath bombs, the first thing that you need to do is setting up the right atmosphere. Speaking of that, it starts with properly organizing your bathroom. Dim your light, get your favorite novel, light some candles, and get ready to play your favorite cool music.

That’s not all! You can also enhance your mood by getting the right tools, such as a clean towel, velvety robe, and slippers, ready for your bath.

2- Fill up your bathtub with water

We’ve been able to address the issue of “when to add your bath bombs”. As earlier mentioned, “dropping your bath bomb into a full tub” is what makes it dissolve well. That said, you need to first fill up your bathtub with clean water.

NB: Although there’s no specific set temperature for dissolving bath bombs, experts say using warm water can be very effective. While cold water can help you dissolve your bath bombs, they may not be very effective in melting other ingredients, such as cocoa butter and shea butter. So, as mentioned earlier, using warm water is better. 

After filling up your bathtub, you may decide to add your bath bomb immediately and watch it fizz, dissolve, and evolve the sweet-smelling scents. Also, you may get inside the bathtub before dropping your bath bomb into the tub. The decision is yours to make. However, it’s worth knowing that both options are effective. That said, just ensure you opt for your preferred technique.

3- Add bath oil for a magical experience 

 Have you decided to add your bath bomb before stepping inside the bathtub? If yes, watch as your bath bomb fizzles, dissolves, and releases colors and scents. After that, you may also add bath oil to the mix. The purpose of doing that is to make your bathtub mixture look and feel more magical.

4- Create a purpose for your bath

We earlier advised that you should enhance your mood by getting some tools ready. Here’s the point where you need to make use of the tools. Use them for your bath.

Are you wondering what the purpose of your bath is? To know that, all you need to do is to ask yourself a few questions.

First, are you getting in the tub for a long time to help you eliminate stress? Are you going to sit in the tub and read a novel while surrounded by beautiful colors and patterns? Another question is, are you going to sink into the tub, play a cool song, and meditate?

Whatever your purpose, just get to it and start using the tools, accordingly. However, don’t forget to place your robe and clean towel very close to you before getting into the tub.

Use your bath bomb in the shower

So far, we’ve only been able to talk about how you can use your bath bomb with bathtubs. Here’s a burning question, can someone without a bathtub also enjoy the fun and goodies that come with using bath bombs?

The answer to the question is yes. In case you have a shower, you can always make use of bath bombs as fizzies. But how do you do that? Let’s have a quick look at the simple and straightforward steps of using your bath bombs in the shower, below.

It’s worth knowing that there are two different ways to use your bath bombs in the shower. First, you can decide to place the bath bomb on the floor of the bathroom, right under the shower. As the water hits the floor, it makes contact with the bath bombs. During this process, the bomb begins to dissolve slowly, releasing its sweet-smelling scents and uplifting your mood.

The second option is to get an organza bag. After that, place your bath bombs inside it and tie one end of the bag to the showerhead. Immediately you open the hot water shower, the steam from the water will help to dissolve the bombs, making them release their fragrance.

Use your bath bomb for the traditional bath

No bathtub and shower? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your bath bomb using the traditional bath approach. But how do you make that happen? Let’s have a quick look at that below:

  • Get a bucket or basin of water. However, ensure the water is warm for the best results.
  • Next, crumble your bath bomb and dissolve the pieces inside the basin of water.
  • After dissolution, use a plastic scoop to get water from the bucket and pour it on your body.

Use your bath bomb as a foot soak

Instead of using your bath bombs on your whole body, you can make use of them as a foot soak. Interestingly, you’ll also enjoy the fun and goodies that come with using them inside the tub. That said, let’s have a quick look at how you can use your bath bombs as a foot soak, below.

  • Get a bucket or basin, and fill it with warm water
  • Safely split your bath bomb into two halves, using the aforementioned steps. After that, drop one-half of the bath bomb inside the basin of warm water.
  • After dissolving, soak in your feet for as long as you want. Usually, about 15 to 20 minutes is enough to soak your feet.
  • Next, scrub your feet to complete the process.
  • Lastly, use a towel to dry your leg and walk away.

Use your bath bomb as deodorizers

When Do You Put A Bath Bomb In?

Apart from using your bath bombs on your body, you can always take advantage of their fresh and sweet smells by using them as deodorizers. Let’s have a quick look at how you can do just that, below.

  • First, you can drop them in your closet. Doing that will add fragrances to your clothes.
  • You can always drop them inside your shoes to remove bad odors.
  • Drop them inside your car and use them as air fresheners.
  • Lastly, you can dissolve them in water and pour the solution inside a spray bottle.

Use your bath bomb as scrubs

Apart from the aforementioned techniques, you can also make use of your bath bombs as body scrubs. To do that, follow the simple and straightforward steps, below.

  • Place your bath bomb inside a ziplock bag and crumble them into pieces.
  • Next, pour the pieces inside a small container and add half a cup of sugar to it.
  • After that, proceed by adding one-third cup of melted coconut oil to the mix.
  • Tightly close the container and stir the mixture that you can do by continuously shaking the box.

That’s it. You’ve successfully turned your bath bombs into scrubs. You can start using them in your shower for better results.

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